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Dhoom 3 review: Not worth the hype

I heard Dhoom 3 tickets were being sold at Rs 900 per seat in some cities and multiplexes. Mark my words- the movie is certainly not worth that price and not up to the hype.

The movie made me question the definition of Circus altogether. What do you mean by circus what is the difference between a circus show, magic show and a dance show? My understanding is this- in circus it is largely about stunts, performed by animals and stuntmen, along with few comedy shows, performed in large stage. In a magic show it is usually a small set of staff, performing acts deemed not possible otherwise (such as cutting someone into half). In a dance show, it is all about dancing, a lead pair and a group of dancers.

Dhoom 3's definition of circus seem to be a mess of circus, magic and dance show. In initial few scenes, what Jacki shroff does appears like a magic show. During rest of the movie, what we see is largely dance show.

That apart, First half of Dhoom 3 tests audience's patience. Intro scene of Abhishek and his sidekick- fighting the goons in an auto- looks more of a joke.

In previous Dhoom movies, details of planning and execution of robbery was shown. But in Dhoom 3, that part is given a miss. We're just told that Bank is robbed and money floats all around and the robber escapes. How he accessed it and stole the money is never explained, other than few sci-fi garage room scenes.

All 3 robberies were done on bike- it was never clear how he managed to take away the money- he always had very little luggage on his back.

Aamir's face was clearly visible in all escapades. Not a single CCTV footage got his face?

Bike chasing scenes were ok, but not extra ordinary.

Only in second half audience is informed of the double play and things get a bit interesting. Katrina's work is largely limited to dancing, with too few dialogues to deliver. Climax is typical of Dhoom series, culprit is neither caught not free, the suspense is kept aside for next sequel.

Watch it if you're a die hard fan of the series or its actors. Else you won't regret not watching it.

Btb the headlight of Aamir khan's BMW looks somewhat similar to one on Kawasaki Versys I rode earlier this month. Don't you think?

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  1. Someday, I'll first get myself to see Dhoom 1 first! :P

  2. Your review answered some of my questions:

  3. Aamir and Dhoom form a great combination. Aamir is too good in his double role. Katrina is fine in her short role, but could have been offered a slightly bigger role as she is an A-list actress. Abhishek failed to show something new. Uday was very good is his comedy act. Overall, a one-time must-watch movie. Surely deserves 4 stars.


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