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Exploring Big Bike Tour in Thailand

This week I am leaving to Chiang Mai, Thailand, on invitation from Tourism Authority of Thailand. This is my first international invite earned purely because of blogging. (I had missed an earlier opportunity due to visa delays)

I will be joining an event called Big Bike Tour. This involves exploring Thailand's countryside on powerful motorcycles, traveling across the country, beginning at Chiang Mai and ending at national capital Bangkok. It is a 2000 km bike ride, averaging 300kms a day.

In this one week journey, I will be accompanied by few fellow bloggers and media professionals from India as well as senior officials from tourism department.

I am looking forward to this event- Riding bikes, exploring country sides and it is guaranteed to be a memorable event. Below video would give you a snapshot of what I am upto
Subject to internet connectivity, I will be posting frequent updates-most probably once a day as our tour progresses. Standby.

Meanwhile you can read my earlier Thailand posts here (from my 2012 Thailand trip)

Update: All posts from my RideThailand Trip can be found under a single tag here

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