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Annual Chennai-Pondy Heritage Car rally pics

This morning, the Annual Chennai-Pondy Heritage car rally was flagged off. I went to the venue to take a look at the car. This was my second visit to this event. View last year's pictures here:Report *  Dodge Kingsway * Ford Vintage Cars)

More than two third of the cars were same as last year. But there were a few new ones. Plus this time I had a goPro. So this post focuses mainly on photograph of cars which weren't present last year.

Aston Martin DB6 superleggera was my favorite among all. It had original pirelli tyres.

Ford Fairlane was the other big car I don't remember seeing last year.

Chevy Impala

Launch pad.. A quiz was held for general public.
Dodge Kingsway Custom

 Cure Red Fiat with soft top

At around 8.30 the flag off happened. I went to toll booth on ECR to get better picture of the cars. The Superleggera didn't turn up. Noticed that couple of cars did break down at this point and owners/mechanics were trying to fix them. Rally will proceed to Pondy on Day 1 and on Day 2 will culminate at Raddison Blue, Mahabalipuram.

More pictures can be seen in my facebook page


  1. All beauties, I say!!!
    I liked the unusual perspectives too.

  2. Your GoPro has given the pictures a new dimension. :)

  3. Too good....and those low wide angles make them look even better

  4. Hi. I like your post. Hope you will be coming on August 30th at Don Bosco grounds for the MyTVS event! See you there. Anita Subramaniam

  5. Thanks Anita

    But I am not in town, so unable to attend the 30th Aug event


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