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Thousand Pillar temple-Moodbidri, Karnataka

1000 pillar temple (ಸಾವಿರ ಕಂಬದ ಬಸದಿ in Kannada) is a 15th century temple located in Moodbidri, Karnataka. We had been there multiple times earlier, but visited again in Jan when I had been to Moodabidire for Koti Chennaya Kambala (buffalo race).

I am sharing some of the photos below. There are several Jain temples all over, but this one in Moodbidire is considered one of the finest of them.

There is a Rs 5 entry ticket. No extra ticket for Camera. This temple is about 2-3kms from the town Bus Stand. Take an auto or bus.

Map below
Nearby attractions: Karkala Bahubali * Udupi Srikrishna temple * St Mary's Island * Bekal Fort * Endpoint Manipal * Saligrama Festival


  1. Lovely photos. Even I have heard about these Basadis. Shall visit once.

  2. Good ones. Any historical information about the place?

  3. Wonderful captures. The architecture looks magnificent.

  4. Thanks Niranjan, Ram and Ranjana

    @Ram: This was built in 1430 and upgraded few times later. No detailed history available


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