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Wanderlust- Darter Photography Exhibition in Bangalore

Visited Wanderlust- Darter Photography Exhibition in Bengaluru last weekend. This post shares information related to Darter Photography company, its people, their photo tours and the exhibition. If this doesn’t interest you, you can check my Travel posts or auto posts.

Darter is a photography focused start-up company founded by Arun Bhat and Shreeram- two people who had corporate jobs at some point of time but decided to make a living out of their passion for photography. [There could be few more in the core team, mentioning these two as I've met only them]. While Shreeram
specializes in wildlife, Arun Bhat specializes in landscapes. They conduct photography workshops and photography tours all around the year to various destinations. (Darter is name of a snake like bird- check pictures here) 
Last weekend Darter organized a photo exhibition-called Wanderlust-showcasing mostly the best pics from participants of Darter’s photo tours and few from core team's collection.

I went to Karnataka Chintrakala Parishath on Saturday 11 AM, took a look at the photographs on exhibition. About 80+ of them and a very good collection. Most of them were for sale, priced at Rs 4000. I am told quite a few of them were sold by end of the exhibition.

Photos covered every genre- portraits, landscapes, macros and so on. Few of them were edited considerably to create an artistic feel. (Many visitors were inquiring why some photos are looking like a painting!)

Apart from exhibition there were a few sessions. I could attend 2 of them. On day 1, Pratap J Rao explained post processing. He showed a few simple tricks that help get the best out of a photograph and make it appear the way we want it. This post processing is something I never tried seriously. Most of my photos are impulsive and not very well planned. If I shoot in raw, the file size will go up and memory card will be out of space soon. Also I hardly get time to sit and work on the photographs, so I click in jpeg using one of the camera's inbuilt settings and then hope for the best. I should try to think like a photographer from now- first visualize how you expect the photo to appear, then click and then post process to get it in the way you wanted it. This is very difficult thing for me to do, then during a trip I try to all in one- drive the car, enjoy the scenery, take pictures, make videos, plan next destination to visit, coordinate with other participants and so on. None the less, instead of taking 10 unprepared random pics and hoping for one best pic, I should try plan well and take one pic that is right in the first place. When I asked a question, Pratap recognized me and said he reads my blog- that made my day!

Went again on Day 2. This time there was another session that was about to end. Unexpectedly I got to meet Niranjan Das (whom I had met during Ride Thailand road trip), Indrani Ghose (whom I had not met yet), Bijoy Venugopal (had met during Thailand trip last year) and few others.

Below is the details of Darter's upcoming photography tours. (Image taken from their website). Sign up if it interests you. These cost as much as a package tour but you get personal attention from Darter's experts- they curate the photos you take, give on the spot advise and as the whole trip is focused on photography, you get to click the destinations at right time of the year from best of the vantage points at right time of the day. In normal tours, you should click your pics in whatever little time you get, because not everyone in the group are interested in photography and don't prefer to spend time on it. So going with a group of photography enthusiasts and experts can make lots of difference to the outcome of your clicking. Arun tells me that each trip will have not more than 10-12 members, so as to be able to give proper attention to each participant.
Best wishes to Darter Team

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