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Mercedes Benz CLA Class unveiled in Chennai

Mercedes Benz unveiled their latest offering, the CLA class in Chennai last Saturday, in a star studded gathering- at Mercedes Benz RitzStyle awards, held at ITC Grand Chola. 
We couldn’t think of a better opportunity to launch this car than this one- Mr Abdul Khadar and Mr Kannan from Transcar, Mercedes Benz told at the gathering.
Few years ago, remembering offerings of a luxury brand was very simple. There was C Class, the entry level offering, then E class, little expensive one, then finally S Class, a very expensive one. Higher up you go in alphabetic sequence, more expensive and feature rich the model became. Even the A and B class were fine as they would fit into above bill. Now it is all confusing. There is GLA class, kind of soft offroader, then CLS class, now the new CLA class. It takes more detailed reading to interpret what these new naming conventions offer. 

The new CLA class, launched in India on Jan 22nd, is one of the most stylish offerings from the tri-star. CLA class offers a frameless door. (Doors do not have an outer frame. Glass holds on to its door support). Such a model is very hard to find. Only expensive CLS class, Cabriolet versions offer it. Apart from that CLA class has lowest drag resistance of 0.25 among all production cars in the world. This means it can really really cut through air like a knife through butter. CLA class comes both in petrol and diesel, in two variants. AMG like styling sets it apart from the rest, along with diamond cut chips on the grill. CLA class variants are priced at about 40 to 50 lakhs approx on road. Mercedes hopes to reclaim top spot from Audi this year for the premium car market, with about 15 launches planned for this year. Earlier Mercedes didn’t have lower priced cars to compete in volume game. Now they have many- A class, B class and so on. One good thing to note is that Mercedes Benz has decided not to succumb to cost cutting measures and ensure they offer same premium quality and customer experience on all their offerings. Best wishes to them.

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