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Scandinavian Skycats Acrobatics at Aero India 2015

Other than the Breitling Wingwalkers, Scandinavian Aerobatic team, known as skycats were the only other team to perform on the wings of an aircraft. Skycats used a bright yellow plane named Catwalk and performed on its wings.

While the Breitling team had 2 planes with one lady each on its top, Skycats had a single plane with two performers on it. Skycats did a series of stunts hanging in between the wings, but it wasn't very clear to bare eyes what exactly they did there. These folks didn't have a vertical pillar like support as in Wingwalkers and had to balance themselves on the two cross strings.

The interesting part of Skycats performance was the tricolour they formed while flying. Green colour seemed to be in short supply and fade away much quicker than the other two colours.

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  1. wow! Im speechless.
    I am seeing such stunts for the first time ever.
    These are amazing stunts and awesome photography.


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