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Fashion Show-Payal Jain Indi Bleu collection and Ritz Style Awards

I have never attended a fashion show live before. This Saturday I attended Mercedes Benz Ritz Style awards function in ITC Grand Chola, Chennai, as part of which there was a display of recent collections from designer Payal Jain.

It was a fashion show + awards night + CLA Class car launch. While the car launch is covered in another post, fashion show and award night is detailed in this post. As I entered the venue I was faced with a group of back dressed bouncers. These people are the first hurdle to cross in any party scene. As I identified myself as media, I was told I need to wait as there’s still time for gates to open. I took a short walk exploring the grandeur of ITC Grand Chola and when I came back, folks from PR team recognized me and let me in. Few photographers at the venue clicked my pic thinking I must be some celebrity, but once I took out my camera, they must have figured out that I am not.
After some more wait in the lobby where invitees posed for photographers and enjoyed their drinks, people were allowed into the hall. I took a seat in front hoping to click good pictures, but was ushered to the back, stating that front tables were reserved. Initial pleasantries over, the fashion show began. One my one models wearing designer clothing walked on the ramp and showcased the new collection with confidence. I am not very good at describing these cloths, so I refrain from writing too much and leave you with just the photographs which speak for themselves.

These are designed by Payal Jain and presented by Amethyst. 

Official description of Payal Jain's Indi Bleu collection goes as below:
Indi Bleu embodies fabrics, textures and weaves that are based on a language of profound and intimate spirituality. The journey begins with crisp and structured shift dresses, jackets, waist coats, jodhpuri jeggings and trench coats to flowing gowns, full circular skirts, multi-paneled Angarkha tunics and voluminous blouses. The rich indigo hues wash over the decadent silks, satins, linen silks, georgetes and fluid charmeuse. Natural tie dye, bandhej and shibori inspirations weave into the threads of the soul. Organic crochet delicately appliqued with indigo yarns, sea shells, bone beads, sparkling sequence and semi precious uncut coral and lapis create an ocean of magical corals, wave formations and myriad interpretation of the under water world.  

And then the Ritz Style awards:
Speaking before the awards give away, Miss Aruna- publisher of Ritz magazine said that style is not just about physical beauty... It is a way of life. Many of the winners have little to do with fashion, but what they've achieved is really noteworthy.

Ritz Style Award was given to following winners:
  • Luminary: Dr E S Krishnamoorthy
  • Rising Star: Roma Bhakshani
  • Panache: Hyma Sukhamuri
  • In Vogue: Sriya Reddy
  • Debonair: Dulquer Salman
  • Powerhouse: TT Arun Vasu
  • Extraordinaire: Varun Manian
  • Maestro: Harris Jayaraj
  • Solitaire: Samanta Ruth Prabhu
  • Marvel: Chiyaan Vikram

Do check my facebook page for more photos from the event.
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