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Update on my recent videos

This post is a quick update on recent videos I have created, edited and uploaded.

1. Kambala Video...
Read the blog post here.. Kambala is a traditional buffalo race in coastal Karnataka districts

2. Tata Safari SOUL Drive experience
The blog post on SOUL experience has got over 230 likes and counting- Now watch the 3 day action in a short 6 min video

3. JetSki Ride in Goa
This was shot with head mounted GoPro. I was fearing all the time what if it falls off into ocean. Luckily it held tight.

4. Coimbatore Flower and Fruits market
Has some bits of footage of florists making garlands out of flowers.

5. A baby monkey
This one was posing bravely and dancing in front of the GoPro... just 20 seconds, watch for fun

6. Saligrama Car Festival
Photos and details here

7.Harley Davidson ride..
Review here

8. Honnemaradu sunset
Detailed Honnemaradu post here

There are two main feedback I got for my videos from the comments- first one being that it is very shaky. Most of my videos have been shot in a moving vehicle or while I myself am on the move or standing. Using a tripod results in much stable video but I have been very lazy to carry a tripod everywhere and shoot on it (Tripod for a GoPro looks funny). Since most of the cameras have decent image stabilization, tripod is not really needed for photos. For videos yes, it helps, but carrying that extra luggage is what I have been avoiding.

Youtube has a function to reduce shakes in the video, but it does so by reducing video quality.

The other feedback I got was that I should try adding some voice. Need to try this part. I am not really known for my voice, so this part car get little tricky.

Some of these videos could have been edited better, but I am sort of limited by the average hardware capacity of my computer and lack of time to learn more and more video editing skills.

If you have any other feedback on my videos, do let me know.

Meanwhile, I have been following few other bloggers who make good videos. Magali, who blogs at Life ETC has made several video blogs or vlogs on the destination she has visited. Very good videos- some nice footage, coupled with good narration and presentation result in short and sweet videos worth watching. View her channel here

Blogger Sidhartha Joshi has also started his Youtube channel and has been presenting few good videos, narrating his style of travel. He has also made a very nice trailer for his channel (I have been very lazy on that front and am using an existing video as trailer. I should work on making a custom trailer)

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