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Hot Air Balloons at Canberra, ACT, Australia

Sunday morning 6 AM- I arrived at Canberra coach terminal, kept my bag at the locker room and headed out on foot to explore the town. As I headed towards parliament building, I was greeted to an unexpected surprise.  There were at least half a dozen hot air balloons in the air. That was a treat to my eyes.

 Balloon being taken down close to water, before rising again.
I checked later- there are at least half a dozen balloon operators in Canberra offering hot air balloon rides. Weekend ride costs about AUD340- that is about Rs 17000 INR. This is twice the amount what I paid in Pune with Skywaltz. Read my balloon ride experience here

Several balloons in air around the National Museum of Australia and West basin river. 


  1. I want to experience this someday :)

  2. You should :) Happening in Pune right now- can connect if you want

  3. every thing is cheaper in india and it makes sense to experience it here!!

    my friend (who is hong kong resident) told me that if you want to enjoy hong kong (when i visited last november), first thing is stop converting the currency!!! it once you go back!!!

  4. What fun! Would love to see this one of these days

  5. @Ami- Yes, Balloon convoy is so much fun to watch

    @Yogi- thanks

    @Rupam- Thanks

    @MUL- True... Actually in Kaunas I found it is cheaper than India. (99 Euros)

  6. Baloon Convoy is fun to watch, but cost seems to be quite on the higher side.

  7. Thanks AG. Yes, cost is two times higher


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