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Independence Memorial Hall, Colombo, Srilanka

Srilanka got independence from British some 6 months after India, on Feb 04, 1948. The independence Memorial Hall located in heart of Colombo is a national monument built in this memory.It is an open building with nice pillars and roof, with stories of history depicted on the ceiling corners.

Below are a few photos of Independence Memorial Hall in Colombo, Srilanka, from various angles.

 Statue in front of the memorial hall is of Srilanka's First Prime minister Don Stephen Senanayake.

Interiors are full of well designed pillars. In a row there are four pillars. A wider GoPro picture below
 Stories from history are depicted on the roof.

 On the day of our visit, a group of locals were exhibiting puppet show
 Statue of Srilanka's first Prime minister (also recognized as Father of Nation)
View from the memorial 
Independence Memorial Hall is open all through the day and there is no entry fee. Approximately 30-60 minutes can be spent around here. Lots of greenery is available all around. There is a shopping complex with premium restaurants behind Independence Memorial Hall.

Nearby attractions are Colombo National Museum , National Theatre for Performing arts, and more


  1. Nice place with so much of history..

  2. Interesting building without walls. Sri Lanka is luxuriously green...loved the virtual trip of the Lankan Nation through your posts and images.

  3. Nice place, There is Independence Memorial Museum below this Independence hall, Entry fee is LKR600

  4. Below? I guess we missed it then. Thanks for sharing


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