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Fastest Audi: R8 V10 Plus - Launched in Chennai for 2.6 crores ex showroom

Yesterday evening I attended the launch event of the fastest Audi ever. After Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and other cities, the car has come down South to Chennai and the all new Audi R8 V10 Plus was unveiled to select invitees and media on the backyards of Leela Palace, Chennai

R series from Audi offers super fast, super expensive sports cars. The hitherto champion R8 V10 has just been outranked by the Plus variant. R8 V10 Plus can reach 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds, has top speed of 330kmph (Do we really need bullet trains?) and has 601 horses behind the driver's seat.

Audi R8 V10 Plus was launched by Aditya Patel and Deepika Pallikal. They drove in from the side to the stage in style while the invitees waited. With lots of carbon fibre, the + variant is lot lighter, enabling much greater top speeds. (50 kg lighter and 40% stiffer than previous R8 V10)

Interiors of R8: Completely digital 31.24 cm virtual cockpit... These cars revv so fast, analog meter will never be able to keep up.

Audi R8 seats 2 and has space for about 338 litres (226 litres behind the driver seat and 112 litres under the front bonnet)
R8 gets permanent all wheel drive system with four standard modes and 3 performance modes for maximum adrenaline rush,

The Fastest Audi on the block commands an ex-Showroom price of 2.6 crores in Tamil Nadu. On road price is not revealed during the launch, but my guess is it will be roughly 30% more, and several lakhs more should you touch the optional list. Effectively 3.5 to 4 crores on road. We were told that 20 customers have already booked the R8 V10 plus in Bengaluru where it was launched a few days earlier.
Kitna deti hein? Audi R8 runs on petrol and has a certified fuel efficiency of 16-17 kmpl. For all practical purposes, that doesn't matter for anyone who is spending 3 crores. Still, press release claims an improvement of 13%

Audi owners get to join Audi Club and take part in A drives, Q drives and other such outdoor events organized by Audi.

Other cars in Audi portfolio in India includes the Q series (SUVs), A series (Sedan) and a few special introductions-RS, TT, SS etc.
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