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Don Muang Bangkok (DMK) Airport Terminal in pictures!

DMK or Don Muang Airport in Bangkok is a budget terminal which is cheaper compared to Suvarnabhoomi and thus preferred by low cost airlines.

While returning from Macau, I had some free time to spare, so was walking around the terminal. Spotted several areas which were photogenic, so couldn't resist taking some pictures. Because it is a basic airport, glass panels were simple and there were no fancy facades on the other side, which helped make photos better.

 A Thai Lion plane, feels as if seen on TV!
This cube was interesting- waited for some time for it to become empty.

A set of 3 air asia planes making a triangular
Also, Bangkok based budget airline- NOK air seem to have the cutest aircraft faces I have ever seen. Take a look at the art work on the nose and bod of their planes. 


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