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Temple like Cenotaphs at Mandore Gardens in Jodhpur

Mandore Gardens in Jodhpur proved to be a hidden gem. I had assumed it to be a generic park with a lake and fountain and such stuff and had given it low priority. But I ended up visiting and it was totally worth it.

Besides being a garden (a not so well maintained one at that), Mandore Garden housed a series of cenotaphs (chhatris) of former rulers in the area, made out of red sandstone. They almost resemble temples, so unless you read about them, you will think these are temples without deities. Take a look at the photos

Mandore was capital of Marwar kings.There are a few temples which are operational (puja is performed)

The water body and garden around the structures were not well maintained- but it was end of summer and I can understand water is precious. So probably administration didn't prioritize the garden, which is perfectly fine.

Because I spent most of my time with the Gray langurs near the entrance of Mandore Garden, I had very little time left to explore the garden. I think I covered only half the area and had to return because of my flight. I couldn't visit the museum, fort ruins and other things inside the Mandore garden campus.

Mandore garden is open from 8 AM to 8 PM, there was no entry fee and it is about 8 kms from city.


  1. We had been to Mandore Garden but was not well maintained.The architecture are simply amazing.We spot something like a staircase but even that was closed.Felt sorry for the neglected condition.

    Good to know that puja are performed here.What time did you go there?


    Sriram & Krithiga

  2. @Sreedhar- Thanks

    @Sriram and Krithiga
    I went at about 9.30-10 AM

    Yes, this place can be maintained much better.

  3. Considering they don't make temple like these, anymore these place should be well preserved.
    Look at those walls and pillars and ceilings and all the work that's gone into them.

  4. amazing amazing pictures! have been to Jodhpur, but haven't visited this. It is just very sad that such places are not well maintained. Incidentally I wrote a post on chattris as well :) Love the ceiling pic the most!


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