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Jogger's Park and view of Port Blair airport

Joggers Park was the last destination we explored in Port Blair. It is a small jogging track on a hilltop but what makes Jogger's park special is the view of runway. Port Blair airport is visible from Jogger's Park.

Besides walking on the designated path, we waited for a plane to arrive. We were expecting one GoAir and another Air India plane to land, only GoAir arrived on time.

Port Blair airport doesn't receive too many flights. Do check online for flight arrival and departure timings from Port Blair and then time your visit so that you have high probability of witnessing a plane land/take off. We saw several helicopters landing and taking off.
Closeup of Port Blair Airport

The jogging track
Saw large group of pilgrims walking on barefoot. Have seen such groups near Tirupati etc but wasn't expecting them in Port Blair
 And a self photo
We reached Joggers Park by auto- paid Rs 40 from clock tower.

August 2019 Updates: Visited again, now the park is well set up with nice garden, exercising equipment etc.

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  1. View of runway from Joggers park is nice

  2. That's very interesting.

    Who jogs on those tracks or is it only a vantage point?

    Again, a smart thing to align your visit with landing of airplanes.

    I didn't know about the pilgrimage thing there. Pleasant surprise. :)

  3. Interesting to see the pilgrimage there.

    Nice captures.

    Sriram & Krthiga

  4. @Sri Kri- Thanks. Not sure where they were headed

    @nisha we reached there like 9.30 AM didn't see anyone jogging.


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