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Lovely Pet animals at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer!

If there is one reason that makes Suryagarh special and unique compared to other luxury hotels, it is the presence of various pet animals in the campus. This post aims to introduce you to them.

The Peacocks:
There are two male peacocks that roam freely inside the campus, occasionally fighting among themselves. They are used to human presence and won’t mind us going close, but won’t let us touch them. Below are some photos of these peacocks. They also walk up to restaurant door every morning.

Badal the horse: Badal was reportedly brought in with one eye injured and that is believed as bad luck. However, under Suryagarh’s care he has recovered and doing good. Guests can enjoy a short ride with him in the backyards. He was very friendly as I went close, though made some attempt to chew my hand.
Above photo by again in Sudha Ganapathi

Emus and birds- a few birds are housed in the campus and taken care of
Emu: See the happiness!
 Thakur the tortoise- I have already written an entire post on him

JuJu the cat: Friendly matured cat but hard to locate. Photo by Sudha Ganapathi
Two Golden Retrievers: Because I didn’t have any decent photo of them, I have borrowed below photo from Sudha Ganapathi

Pigeons: Many. In 2014 guests could hold them, but now I guess it is not allowed. Above right- Ankita Sinha and below -Nisha Jha having good time with the birds during our 2014 visit. Read my recent experience at Andamans where we befriended street pigeons.
Indian Bloggers There are also a pair of camels used for welcome ceremony.


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