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Pending blog posts- help me prioritize

Despite writing about 1 post a day on an average, I have a huge backlog of topics I wish to share with my readers. Using this post to check what kind of topics interests you- my readers, so that I can prioritize accordingly.

Below I am listing the topics I have in mind and a brief of what is expected under that, let me know which one of these appeal to you the most

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand
1.    India Heritage Centre - Opened in May 2015, I need to write about this asap (1 vote)
2.    National Gallery- Have written about the building but yet to cover what's inside
3.    Underwater world at Sentosa - A world full of interesting underwater life in Sentosa (3 votes)
4.    Key attractions in Melaka, Malaysia - World Heritage centre (2 votes)
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5.    Victorian Parliament, Melbourne
6.    Great Ocean Drive - We did only part of it, but was a great experience (2 votes)
7.    Darling Harbour, Sydney- An interesting place in Sydney (1 vote)
8.    Photos from Taronga Zoo, Sydney - loads of animal photos

Read current Australia posts here

9.    Jungfraujoch- Top of Europ- photos and details from the epic journey (1 vote)
10.    Brussels city landmarks- Key landmarks of Belgium Capital (1 vote)
11.    Helsingborg Open Air Museum and Botanical Garden- huge interesting campus in Sweden's Helsingborg (3 votes)
12.    Suomenlinna fort Helsinki- a vast fort in the middle of ocean kew kms from Helsinki town (2 votes)
13.    Berlin city landmarks- Key landmarks in Berlin that we explored in 2013 (1 vote)
14.    Helsignor castle - Historic Danish castle in the outskirts of Copenhagen (1 vote)
15.    Amsterdam Canal tour pics- Photos and notes from Amsterdam Canal tour (3 votes)
16.    Zanse chans near Amsterdam- A wonderful wind mill town near Amsterdam (2 votes)
17.    Mini Europe, Brussels - where scalled models of all key european attractions are maintained
18.    Copenhagen Zoo - loads of animal photos
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Hong Kong-Macau
19.    Macau night photographs - evening pictures when most Macau landmarks were illuminated (2 votes)
20.    Disney Land Hong Kong- Spent a day here, have loads of pics and stories to share (2 votes)
21.    Review of Rainbow Lodge, HK - A friendly lodge in HK where we stayed (1 vote)
22.    Grand Prix Musuem, Macau- Holy place for racing enthusiasts
23.    Ruins of St Paul’s church, Macau- An ancient church in Macau- whatever is left of it (2 votes)
24.    Streets of Hong Kong - Pics of flower market, ladies market and so on (1 vote)
25.    Big Foot, Goa
26.    Pets at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer (was easier one, so published anyway)
27.    Manjirabad fort, Sakaleshpura  (1 vote, live now)
28.    Jaswant Thada-Jodhpur (1 vote)
29.    Mehrangarh fort, Jodhpur (1 vote)

30.    My experience with facebook advertisements - [Update: Already live here, as this got max votes]

Or if you have some other ideas/expectations/suggestions do share.

You may comment below with the serial number of above topics. Feel free to suggest more than one in the order of priority like 22), 14), 4)

Would like to see which topic gets more vote and will try to prioritize accordingly.

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  1. Great Ocean Road
    Amsterdam Canal tour
    Street of HK

    Nice to know that I'm not the only one with a long list like this. You just made me feel a lot better. Thank you. :)

  2. @DN
    Thanks for being the first one to comment. Time is always in short supply and I am sure many bloggers are in same situation.

    Let us see what other readers have to say.

  3. Though I didn't get any more comments on the post here, got some comments on facebook where I had posted the link. A copy below for quick reference and voting purpose

    Umesh Derebail: 30/23/21/19/15/13/11/10/7/4/3/1

    Bragadeesh Prasanna: Helsingborg Open Air Museum and Botanical Garden

    Swati naik: Disney land, Sentosa, fb advertisement

    Mahesh Lakshmanan: Experience with FB adverts. I would love to read about your childhood years.

    Ami Bhat: Manjirabad fort

    Siddharta Joshi: You are such a lucky (and hardworking) soul :) I would like to see this one - Suomenlinna fort Helsinki- a vast fort in the middle of ocean kew kms from Helsinki town and hope you change your mind about writing on zoos (I am just personally against the zoos :()

    So far FB ads (#30) has got 3 votes, rest all have got one or max 2. Will wait for some more votes, while I resume the FB ads post with priority

  4. @Bhushavali- Thank you. Did you visit Zanse Chans?

  5. 9,15,16,17,19,4,3,11,20,28,29

  6. @Vi Ra He, #30 is already live.. Pls check

  7. To be honest, if I don't travel even for a single day for next two years, I could still write a post a day. probably more. That much backlog I have!

    But I am taking it slow. No hurry, no race. There are other things in life than to blog. :)

    I didn't know you had backlogs since you write almost everyday. :)

    Any post will do, since I read all of them.

  8. @very kind of you to read all my posts Nisha..

    Yes, I am sure most of us have enough content for next few years...

    True that there are other things. Trying my best to balance blog, work, travel and daily life


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