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Skywatch Friday- Rainbow Special at Kotagiri

This Monday was the first time I managed to photograph a rainbow. I had seen them several times in my life earlier but never had a good camera handy to take some photos worth sharing. This monday, while driving towards Kodanad view point, co passenger Shrivatsa spotted the rainbow. We stopped and took below photos.
 When I tried to zoom too much on the rainbow
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  1. Yes indeed good captures.
    I have heard that there is a pot of gold at the end of rainbow :) you seem so close to it. :)

  2. Lovely photos indeed. What I liked best was that the rainbow is actually touching that hill so you can travel to the end of the rainbow and see what's there - where does it come from, where is it going.

  3. Thanks Rajesh, Yogi, Rupam, Amit, Kalpana, Deepak and Indrani...

  4. Lucky man! Rainbow is a sign of clean air, spotting is getting difficult now a days. One of our friend recently told us, who has 8 year old kid never seen rainbow in his life.


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