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Deepor Beel bird sanctaury, Assam- Went for birds, got coconut water!

As I was looking for places to visit in Assam, Deebol Beer bird sanctuary came up. Because it was only 7 kms off main road, I decided to check it out. This post shares notes from my visit.

At first we missed the actual entry point. It is just before the second railway gate, to the right. We went few kms ahead and had to come back. 
As a bird sanctuary, Deebol Beer was a disappointment. As per the display kept there, we should be able to see below variety of birds. But I could hardly see 3-5 type of birds. But then, it was mid-day when we went there, not the time when birds are most active. Also visitors had an option to take a boat ride and go deep into the lake- from there more birds are expected to be visible. But we skipped the boat ride knowing that prospects are too low. May be early morning or evening is the best time to visit Deebol Beer. Of course, bird watching needs lots of time, patience and luck- all three we were very short of. So it won't be fair on my part to write off this destination just because I didn't see birds. Do use your discretion.

A railway track passes by. I got some good photo of the bridge.
There were multiple roadside sellers of tender coconut and other stuff. Had a few of them for Rs 40 each. Tender coconut is available in Assam but not very easy to find. 

In my opinion you can skip the Deebol Beer bird sanctuary if you are on tight schedule. But note that it is only 10 kms from airport. Will be worth to make a deviation while going to airport and stop here for sometime or if you’re heading to Shillong directly from Airport take the road that goes via Dibol Bir.

Below is what are supposed to see!
The watchtower gives good elevated view of the lake. No entry fee and toilet facilities are available.
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  1. Loved the post. Nice pics from Deepor Beel.

  2. It depends on which time you visit this place. The ideal visit time is from October till March. It wont be able to label this place as unworthy of visit since a lot of people go there and havent been dissapointed. Your photos of the Beel are not concrete and there is even spelling mistake so please correct it. It is "Deepor Beel" not Deebol Beer. Do not come with such kind of posts if you cannot provide with the correct and appropriate information. Im from Guwahati andit is such a sheer dissapointment to view this post.


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