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Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati- Short visit

Because it was listed as one of the important destinations in Guwahati, we made a short visit to the famous Kamakhya temple. This post shares some photos and updates from the visit.
Kamakshya temple is on a hill (Nilachal hill), 3-4 kms from main road. Buses, share transport or rented cabs can be used to go to top. Parking closer to the temple is usually taken, so you will have to park about a km away, depending on your luck in finding a spot to park.
Kamakhya Temple has specific darshan timings and always a very very long queue can be expected. Special queues are available for those who can pay more. We didn’t bother about Darshan due to long queues. 

The Kamakhya Temple complex had many small goats tied- which we learnt later are meant for sacrifice. Many of them were sprayed with vermilion. The goats I petted a bit seemed very hungry, as they desperately attempted to chew my fingers. Felt very sad for this tradition of killing innocent animals in the name of religion. Lots of pigeons were also found resting fearlessly at ground level in temple complex. Bigger Goats, cows, monkeys and other animals also were roaming around at will as if they have important business inside the campus.

There is no entry fee. Free meals is available for devotees and chappal stand is also free.

There’re a few viewpoints that give good view of Guwahati town- check pics below. But view of Brahmaputra river (which is on the opposite site) was not available (or I couldn’t spot it)

Wikipedia has more details on Kamakhya temple if you're interested.
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  1. Kamakhya is a very important temple, I was there last year. Thanks for showing again

  2. Beautiful pics from Kamakhya temple.
    Waiting for more pics & post from your Guwahati & Meghalaya trip.

  3. Animal sacrifice to me makes absolutely no sense. Killing Poor animals will hardly absolve anyone of their sins or please any god. Thanks for sharing Shrini.

  4. Yes.. Still many people refuse to accept this commonsense...


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