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Kolaba Fort off Alibaug, Maharashtra

Kolaba Fort is a small fortification off the coast of Alibaug, Maharastra. During my visit to Alibaug made a short visit to this fort. This post shares photos and notes from my visit.

Reaching Kolaba Fort:
Boats operate at regular intervals from Alibaug beach to Kolaba. Fee is Rs 110 per person (return ticket). Kolaba fort is about 5 minutes away by boat.

Once at the fort you can take as much time as you wish, till last boat of the day departs. But usually you will be done in 45 mins/1 hour or less.

It is said that during low tide, it will be possible to simply walk to the fort.

What to see at Kolaba fort?
It is very small campus compared to any other fort. It has a temple, a pond, a well and an exit into ocean. Walking along the edge of fort wall will be great experience, with Alibaug on one side, ocean on the other. You can walk across to ocean and dip your leg or relax by the beach for sometime. Sunset also should be beautiful.

Some photos;

This dog was resting in the temple building.

Above: Fresh water pond inside the Kolaba fort
Below: Main entrance
There's a Rs 15 ticket per person, in addition to boat charges

The Kolaba Fort is built in 17th century by Shivaji Maharaj

Overall, it was worth a quick visit.


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  2. I am travelling this weekend to Alibaug, so was exploring few places to visit. I just came accros this blog and i am going to add Kolaba fort in my visit list.

  3. Hi,Nice blog.Awesome information and beautiful photos.I really liked the way you have given your best knowledge about the place so that it would be easy for us to explore the it and enjoy the really beauty of nature.


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