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Thangkharang Park, Cheerapunjee, Meghalaya

This Thangkharang Park was not on my itinerary- It didn't show up as a major must see place so I hadn't factored it. But after stopping near Seven Sister Falls, we saw a board that said "Thangkharang Park, 7kms". We had some time to spare so debated if we can go to this park. 7 kms didn't seem much and online photos were not bad, so decided to proceed. This post gives you a quick brief about the Thangkharang Park in Meghalaya, so that you can decide if you would like to visit the same.

The Bad Roads: 7 kms is 15-20 minutes by car under normal conditions. But the roads leading to Thangkharang park were in bad condition. Took us about 40 minutes one way

Bangladesh Viewpoint:
Enroute to Thangharang Park, a board suggested a small diversion offering view of Bangladesh. We did divert and got a view of Bangladesh. This spot was totally worth it.

The Thangkharang Park
The Park is well maintained and looks nice with red and green forest department combination. Entry fee is Rs 20 per person, Rs 20 for camera and another 20 for car parking

What to see/do inside?
Nothing much. A view of the valley from the edge of the park and another view of the waterfalls, a green house and some resting areas/regular garden stuff.

Above: View from the edge of the park.
Free drinking water is available.
I wouldn't say this park is a must visit. If you have couple of hours to spare and don't mind driving on bad roads then stopby, else you may skip this park.

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