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India Myanmar complete travel guide

This post will serve as one stop shop for all my posts on Myanmar (Burma)

Why go to Myanmar? What to explore there? Reasons to consider visiting Burma
  1. Myanmar is India's neighbor, now offering Visa on Arrival to Indians (50$ fee) 
  2. Myanmar is a relatively inexpensive destination to visit. Budget options, public transport available.
  3. Myanmar offers lots of historic places, temples and places of natural beauty
  4. Direct/One-stop affordable flights available from different Indian cities and land border also available (Moreh, Manipur)
What should be the ideal duration to visit Myanmar?
3-4 days minimum to get a feel of Yangon and nearby attractions, to up to 30 days if you have time.
  • Yangon and around- min 3 days
  • Bago- 2-3 days
  • Bagan- 3 days
  • Mandalay-3-4 days
  • Inle Lake- 3-4 days
  • More as per your interest and time
What should be an ideal itinerary to visit Myanmar?
I've given a 10 day plan below. This one is a bit hectic but tries to cover all major cities. Tweak as per your time and interest. You can easily make it a 15 day trip by adding a day extra at each city.
Day 01- Arrive in Yangon, bus to city,
Day 02- Yangon circle train experience, half day visit to Dala village
Day 03- Temples and attractions in Yangon City
Day 04- Train to Bago, attractions in Bago city, stay in Bago
Day 05- Train/Bus to Inle Lake
Day 06- Inle local, Stay in Inle
Day 07- Travel to Bagan, Bagan Local
Day 08- Bagan local, travel to Mandalay
Day 09- Mandalay Local
Day 10- Mandalay Local
Day 11- Return flight from Mandalay

Things tourist sites won't tell you- Factors to consider in Myanmar
1. Domestic flights are available but are very very expensive. Bus/train is the most economical option to travel within cities. intercity train/buses can take more time than planned. Keep some buffer.
2. Cities are not the cleanest- pay attention to hygiene.

India to Myanmar (Burma) Travel Guide- My detailed posts
Before visiting Myanmar
(Planning tips)
Places to visit in Mynamnar
Places to Stay & Eat
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Flying to Myanmar- from
Similar destinations/Alternate options
Major airlines- Air Asia, Indigo
Cities to fly into- Yangon or Mandalay

How much? Around 12k INR or less return is good deal, upto 15 is decent. More than 20k, better to wait.
Myanmar airports, airlines n domestic network
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Do ask your queries on visiting Myanmar.

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