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Bisile Ghat Viewpoint- view 3 districts

This week I visited Bisile Ghat viewpoint for the second time. Previous visit was several years ago when I had rented a Nissan Sunny from Revv to visit Kukke Subramanya.

This time I found the roads were superb. Concrete roads are in place for majority of the distance between Kukke Subramanya and Bisile Ghat (work still pending for couple of kms). However this particular ghat road is still suitable for light vehicles only. Max force travelers or mini buses. Not wide enough for large buses to travel or give way to other vehicles.

As you sit on the multi level watch tower and look at the green forests ahead, you will need someone local to inform you that man has divided this pristine view into 3 parts- the left most section falls under Hasana district. Central area belongs to Kodagu (Coorg) and the right most portion after the hills falls under South Canara district.

At this moment there is no entry fee or timing to go to Bisile Ghat viewpoint. About 1 km walking required from road (Parking area) till the viewpoint. No restrooms, no shops, no facilities available here.

Littered by idiot writings
Walkway is nice and well paved.

Plan for a quick stopover while commuting between Sakaleshpura and Subramanya

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