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Arasalu Malgudi Days Railway Museum

Malgudi Days is a popular TV serial based on RK Narayan's book of same title. The story of Malgudi days revolves around a young boy named Swami, his smartness and various aspects of village life. The serial and story had contributions from several prominent names of Kannada film industry- Shankar Nag, Kavitha Lankesh, RK Laxman, RK Narayan and so on. Because of its simplicity and narration of humble village life, the serial was heart touching.

The serial was short in and around Agumbe (Shivamogga district), Arasalu, Thirthahalli and nearby places. Long back I had watched it in black and white. Now, 35 years after the serial release, a location used in the serial has been converted into a museum. Arasalu railway station, which is now non operational as a passenger or goods line has been beautifully repainted and a few artefacts of Malgudi days added to give visitors a unique experience.

Arasalu Malgudi railway museum was launched sometime July-August 2020 but at that time it was not opened to public due to covid scare. Sometimes late 2020 it was opened to public. I managed to visit it this week and below are some key details.

What to expect at Museum Malgudi?

Paintings related to the stories of Malgudi days, village artefacts, information about artists and actors of the serial and a sense of what Malgudi days was about.

Timing and ticket information: 

Malgudi Museum is open from 10 AM till 5 PM on all days except Tuesday. Entry fee is only Rs 5 per person. No parking charges.

Facilities available at Museum Malgudi: None. I saw a old train compartment written Malgudi chai. Probably this was planned to be a restaurant and toilet. But it was closed when I visited. May be once tourist inflow improves they may open it up. A souvenir shop also will be nice.

Where is Arsalu Malgudi Railway museum?

Museum Malgudi is about 32 kms from Shivamogga city. You have to turn left at Ayanur (about 16kms) while heading towards Sagara on BH Road. Roads are good, follow map.


It may not make sense to go to Arasalu all the way from Bengaluru or somewhere else just for the museum, but when you are commuting between Shivamogga and Sagara, a quick diversion is definitely worth it. Plan your stay in Shivamogga, Sagara or Theerthahalli. Below are some other attractions within 50 kms from Arasalu.

Kavaledurga fort  (55kms) * Jog falls (71 kms) * Honnemaradu (68 kms)* Shivamogga lion and tiger safari (30 kms) * Shivappa Nayak Palace (33 kms)* Nagara fort (50 kms) * Nadakalasi (44 kms) * Nyamati Windmill viewpoint * Sakrebailu (50 kms) * Kundadri (80 kms) * Achakanye falls (37 kms)*  Kavishaila, Kuppalli (67 kms) *  16+ things to do at Agumbe


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  1. Looks Great. Nice to read about Malgudi Days Railway Museum.
    " Malgudi Days" one of my favorite TV serial.

  2. Informative post, Shrinidhi �� Malgudi days is one of favourite series. I would definitely visit the museum when I visit nearby places.

  3. This is so nice. A Malgudi Museum is a great idea -- better late than never.
    The building looks apt and the train car & railway station, a great addition. :)

    Malgudi souvenirs will be great, too. :)

    Thank you for this, Shrinidhi.

  4. I was introduced to the book first and the serial later, it was fascinating. They have kept a minimal entry fee which is good. I hope they have a section to film the serials too because without seeing the serial it is tough to relive the nostalgia.


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