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Sakrebailu elephant camp 2021 fees and tips

I had last visited Sakrebailu back in 2013. Once in 2020 as I was traveling to Udupi in bus from Shivamogga, saw parking lot of Sakrebailu filled up 100% with cars on a Saturday morning. Obviously Sakrebailu has got more popular over time, attracting crowds of visitors. I  visited again recently to check what's latest at Sakrebailu elephant camp.

Obviously a lot has changed in past 8 years
1. Jungle Lodges now has a nature camp opposite Sakrebailu Elephant camp. You can stay there overnight if you wish. Rental costs about 1500-2000 INR per person. (4000 Rs for a wooden cottage)

2. Entry fees have shot up like everywhere else. For a family of four, visiting Sakrebailu now means spending about 1200 Rs.
  • Entry fee for 4 people = 200 Rs
  • Elephant bath for 4 people = 400 Rs
  • ELephant ride for 4 people = 400 Rs
  • Camera fee for one person = 100 Rs
  • Parking fee for car= 25 Rs.
Back in 2013 there was no separate fee for bathing. We could enter the campus, enter the river, touch the animals, give a bath if caretakers are comfortable and come back. But now every activity is commercialized.

- Entry ticket of 50 Rs only gives you entry into campus. You can't enter river or bathing area with this ticket. Even if you have no plan to give a bath, if you want to take close look at animals or enter river, you have to spend 100 Rs more per person.
Pay 100 Rs more to cross above gate
- Giving bath and elephant rides are charged at 100 Rs each. Don't ask me how long it will last and if it is really worth it.

3. A souvenir shop is now available
4. Parking area is now paid. Earlier it was free parking by the roadside, now ticketed parking with a fence.

5. Children's play area is now available

6. A forest officer is now on duty issuing tickets. Earlier the camp was largely managed by mahuts or elephant caretakers. Now with increased tourist inflow, senior officials are duty.

I went a few hundred meters ahead and turned left- I could access the river for free. Similarly, wait near the entrance by 8 AM till 8.20 you will see elephants crossing the road and entering the camp. Enjoy a free sighting without spending a penny.


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