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Barkuru historic town near Brahmavara, Udupi- Fort, Basadi, Temples, Scenery

Barkuru is a town just about 4 kms from NH66 near Brahmavara. Barkuru is often ignored by tourists visiting Udupi district. Barkuru doesn't have any major attractions that make it a primary tourist attraction but has several smaller but significant spots worth a short visist when you are in the region.

1. Barkuru Fort Ruins
Barkuru had a fort. However what remains now are a few stone pillars. Fort ruins are located about 2-3 kms from Barkuru pete (market). These photos were from my July 2020 visit. Later when I visited during Feb 2021, there were even less stones.

2. Kattale Basadi
Kattale Basadi is a 12th century temple complex housing a Shiva temple, Vishnu temple and a Basadi dedicated to a Jain thirthankara. Now in ruins, Kattale Basadi is certainly worth a short visit. I have written a detailed post about Kattale Basadi here

3. Bridge and riverside drive
Barkuru has a bridge across Seetha river. There are a few roads that run parallel to the river. If interested you can drive/ride along and enjoy beautiful views.
4. Temples
Barkuru town has about a dozen temples. All are within 1 km radius from Barkuru Pete/town centre. You can walk around or hire an auto. Depending on your interest and time you can explore them. Not aware of anything exceptionally unique about these temples in Barkur.
5. Ayurvedic medicines
Barkuru is popular for a few Ayurveda Pandits, so people visit here from different parts of the district and also neighboring districts looking for medicines for various ailments.

6. Barkuru Mahasamsthana
Barkuru Mahasamsthana is a matha (monastery). One visits them for spiritual solutions and activities. Barkuru Mahasamsthana was inaugurated in 2017.

7. Mah Ganapathi temple
This one is couple of kms away from Barkuru town towards Saibrakatte.
Below is a map of Barkuru
Barkur has railway station and bus service. Once you reach Barkur you can explore local attractions on foot, if you are comfortable walking a few kms. Else take an auto from Barkuru pete.


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