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BESCOM EV charging stations: Cost, Process, Experience!

BESCOM (Bengaluru's Electricity supply company) has several EV charging outlets all around city. I went to one of them to experience how Bescom's EV charging stations work, how much does it cost and what is the process.

In this post, I am helping you understand all of that so that if you have to visit a BESCOM EV charging station, you are well prepared.

Q1: How many BESCOM EV charging stations are there and where are they location?

BESCOM seem to have over 100 EV charging outlets all around Bengaluru. You can install ElectreeFi app and check ones closest to you. Many of them were showing "Unavailable"- either they are faulty or someone else is already using them. I knew there was one in Katriguppe, so I went there directly without checking any app. You can check a few closest to your destination or where you want to charge and plan accordingly.

Q2: How much does it cost to charge the EV at BESCOM outlet?

I charged MG ZS EV. I went with default 1 hour option as I wasn't sure exactly how long it will take to charge fully. I paid about INR 188.. You can select a shorter duration and pay less.

In this 1 hour, I could charge from 56% to 100% in about 45 minutes. That is 44% in 45 minutes. If I could use full 1 hour, I could have charged about 60% in 1 hour. At this rate it would have taken 1.5 hours to charge 90%- reasonable timing.

100%= 315 kms or 60% = 189 kms. Effectively, it costs 1 Rs per km to charge at BESCOM EV charging stations. Because I didn't chose my charge duration precisely it cost me about INR 1.3 per km (146 kms for 188 Rs). I think that is a fair charge. Of course range is a function of your car.

App gives other options- pay by units,  by % (current % to 100%) etc. These are great ways to save some money. I could have explored a bit more and simply chosen 56% to 100% and pay some 80 Rs less.

Q3: What is the process to charge your car at BESCOM EV charging unit?

Step 0: Locate nearest available BESCOM charging station using the electreefi app

Step 1: Drive close to the charging sockets and park such that wherever you've to insert the charger is closer to the charging docket.

Step 2: Identify which of the charger fits your vehicle. There were 3-4 different types. I found that type CCC2 fits into MG ZS EV. You can try insert the charger and check if it fits properly. You need this info on charge type because else wrong charger will be assigned and money goes waste.

Step 3: You can either pay by credit card or pay in ElectreeFI App. I paid in the app using net banking. You've to select correct location, type of charger, enter your vehicle number, select charging duration and then pay the amount asked. I had to enter vehicle number- but the real number was already in use because it was a company car. Only way I could proceed was entering some random vehicle number.

Step 4: Once payment is done, you can insert the charger into the car and initiate the charging process. You can lock the car, go for a walk or lunch or meeting someone and come back after designated time. There were two plastic chairs- I could sit and wait as well. There is a display indicating how much charge is done. You EV car also will be showcasing charge progress.

Once done disconnect, position the charging dock back in position, close lid of your car's charging point, drive off.

There was a display of two phone numbers whom we can call if assistance needed. I didn't have any need but if you are held up or need help check with them.

As my charge got full in 45 minutes, I lost 15 minutes worth of money. No refund, no credit nothing. If you pay for longer duration than needed, you lose money. If in doubt or if you have fair bit of charge, may be just try charging for 15 or 30 minutes and see how it goes. If needed you can charge for another 15 minutes.

Overall it is a great service by BESCOM. If they can start similar facility near all major tourist spots, in tier 2, tier 3 cities then EV owners can plan longer trips without having to worry about range. Right now these are limited to Bengaluru city alone.

Tata Motors showroom and MG showrooms around the country also let you charge. There is an amount to pay, which is similar to what I have explained above, with some variations.

I couldn't see any option to prebook a slot

Standby for detailed post on MG ZS EV that I drove last weekend.


  1. Is there no facility in chargers to stop automatically at 80% and then charge as per usage?

    1. I think there are some way- like charge for 1 hour only etc. I didn't explore too much I think. these can change over time depending on software update


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