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Is Nile River Cruise in Egypt really worth it?

My first visit to Africa is coming up in few months. I was evaluating a possibility of booking a Nile Cruise in Egypt but there are several factors discouraging me from taking it

#1 Nile River Cruise is insanely expensive

  • You will need 330-600 USD per person for the cruise (Cheapest options, more luxurious/last minute options may cost as much as 1000 USD)
  • 100 USD flight ticket Cairo to Aswan (overnight buses are 10-15 USD)
  • 100 USD flight ticket to Luxor to Cairo
  • Another 50-100 USD for other miscellaneous expenses
  • There are hidden expenses- single person supplement, optional extras/services not included in cheapest fare and so on.

That is a total of 600 USD per person, or easily 1000-1200 USD for 2 people or 1 lakh INR approx.

#2 Lots of operators but fixed schedule

Almost every operator starts 3 day cruise from Wednesday from Aswan and Saturday from Luxor. Not sure why they can't start on different days to suit different preferences tourists may have. Now we have to align our flight in and out of Cairo based on this. (like if you're flying in Sunday morning to Cairo and returning on Saturday morning you can't take any cruise, though you're there for 4 full and 2 half days.

#3 No 2D/1N option.

While I was searching for cruise option in Hong Kong, I felt it is not worth spending lots of money for cruise that spans several days. After few days we get bored on the ship. So I found an affordable 2D/1N cruise, which was adequate to get cruise experience. But no such short cruise option in Egypt. Everything is either 4D/3N (Wednesday to Saturday) or 5D/4N (Saturday to Wednesday)- a cheaper, shorter option would have allowed us to get some brief experience of Nile river

#4 No purchase price parity

Star cruise price varies based on your nationality. No such option for Egypt cruises

#5 No WiFi on board

Most ships do not seem to have WiFi on board, so working remotely is out of option.

Because of above reasons I am still contemplating if the Nile River Cruise is worth spending 1000s of dollars.  Let me know your thoughts.

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