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Laptop Brands-Dell vs HP vs Sony vs Lenovo vs Others

August 2009 updates:
Lots of things have changed in past 2 years since I published this post. Configurations twice as good are now available for half the price. This post has got over 130 comments so far. A good number of people have given negative opinion about HP. Acer seems to be doing very good. Dell and Acer are now manufactured in Chennai, India. Dell has also started selling laptops in physical stores, compared to pure online model it had earlier. -Nidhi

September 2009 Recommendation: Lenovo G550 2958 2TQ looks very good at a competitive price of 35k.

November 2010 Update: Checkout review of Acer Netbook with Android and XP dual OS
------------Original Post (Oct 2007)--------------
In this post I’m listing pros and cons of major laptop vendors which should help a prospective buyer of notebooks to compare various brands in the market. Contents in this post are based on my observation made during June 2007. Specification and pricing may change without prior notice. Please check with respective companies for latest information.

Go directly to Dell* HP*Sony Vaio*Acer*Lenovo*LG*Sahara *Panasonic

Legendary Direct sales model, favorite vendor for corporate houses due to aggressive pricing, Cheapest option for any given configuration and excellent customization.
My other post on detailed analysis of Dell's Business Model

0. (NEW!) Dell notebooks on display at select stores in Chennai-you can touch and feel them now...
1. Relatively cheaper than competition for a given configuration
2. Prices may drop further once Dell’s India plant in Chennai becomes operational
3. Configure and customize as you wish
4. Only vendor who gives original OS media (With others you need to create recovery discs)
5. Only Vendor from whom you can ask Windows XP instead of Vista (Not available in Dell website, you need to ask for this manually later with Dell Representative.)
6. Available in Multiple colours (Inspiron and XPS series)
7. Blu Ray writer available optionally (Rs 28k extra!!!)
8. Prices can be negotiated

9. Changeable skins
November 2007 Update: Some recent Dell Models are quite feature rich-travel remote, 2MP camera, detachable DVD drives etc
9. Dell Latitude now comes with 19 hours (claimed) battery life, longest ever! (Aug 2008 update)


1. You need to pay 100% in advance and wait for few weeks for delivery
2. No showrooms, No Service centers (Web and telephone help, onsite warranty in some cases)
3. You can not see and feel the product before purchase. (Update: Some stores in Chennai are displaying Dell notebooks)
4. No finance options arranged
5. Dell has no tablet PC as of now (Expected early 2008)
6. Trouble shooting can be a headache if you’re a computer novice.
7. Strong up-selling tactics can make you spend more than what you originally budgeted.
8. Other laptop dealers/service center staff may refuse outright to fix a dell unit or charge heavily for the service. (Reason being, since Dell deals directly with customers these people are loosing commission)
9. If you buy a vista unit and want to downgrade to XP later, Dell will charge heavily for XP support.

Hewlett Packard (HP) (NYSE: HPQ)

Quite popular among domestic consumers-Competitive pricing, good sales and service network, lots of features and occasional promo offers


1. Lots of value added features: Like Remote Control, Fingerprint recognition, Webcam etc, not available in most of the competition models of similar configuration
2. HP liveperson chat is quite useful (Available only during US hours-You can chat with a sales executive who will answer your queries related to HP products and services
3. HP promoted lightscribe technology available in most of the units (Read this post for more on lightscribe technology)
4. Decent sales and service network
5. HP imprints can give good look to your unit (it is a sticker kind of thing with attractive images/scenery etc which you can stick to back of monitor)
6. Excellent collection of Accessories


1. Latest processors are not incorporated.
2. No option to make any changes in the specifications
3. Not so robust compared to Dell and Sony.
4. Very few models in high end segment.
5. I am not happy with HP's recovery manager software-Read this post for details
6. HP gift redemption process is a pain. You need to send a DD for Rs 500 to a delhi office along with bill copy, product sticker and many other things and wait for 2-3 months. Why not give the gift along with notebook?

HP is reportedly looking to sell of its notebook business and focus mainly on software

Sony (NYSE:SNE) 

Some of the most expensive notebooks available (Highest one costing INR 1, 99,990), can be seen in most of the movies, more as a style statement.


1. High resale value and excellent brand recognition
2. Good build quality and attractive colours
3. Latest processors incorporated readily (In June, while most of HP notebooks had Dual Core processors, Sony Vaio were powered with latest Core 2 Duo (T5500 onwards))
4. Blu ray technology (Blue ray writer) available (September 2009 update: This technology yet to reach the mass-price of blu ray drives have come down drastically)
5. Sony gives official 3% discount on MRP
6. Finance arranged through Bajaj Finance.
7. Excellent screen clarity
8. Sony is the first company to launch flash based memory (no moving parts as in HDD, so far effecient and fast, but currently it costs Rs 1,40,000-more details on Vaio VGN TZ38GN series
1. Relatively expensive (Vaio mini (W series) starts from 30k, any other model with decent config (C2D) costs Rs. 50k INR onwards)
2. Blu Ray drives not available in entry level models
3. No Tablet PCs (They have some new concept called Panel PC !!!)
4. No option to make any changes in the specifications.
5. Don't think they have AMD based units

Other brands:

Sub 20k notebooks are available only from Acer. Hritik Roshan has been commissioned to sell this brand and strong advertising is going on. Nothing exciting about other models. Ferrari fans can go for their flagship Ferrari notebook, but I didn’t like the configuration.

Acer netbooks- detailed review

Chinese firm Lenovo bought IBM’s PC and notebook unit few years ago. Their license to use IBM logo expires soon. Only brand to have face recognition. Legendary ThinkPad series starts 90k onwards and beyond the reach of common man. Y and R series are doing good business.

LG: They’re not focused on notebooks. Just have X-note series in their portfolio besides hundreds of other products in consumer electronics. Pricing appears to be expensive for the given configuration. New x-note with Dual screen in unique to LG and not attempted yet by rest.

Personal comment: I've been using  a Lenovo G550 for about 2.5 yrs now. Except few minor issues, it has been overall satisfactory experience owning this.

Toshiba: No specific comments

Sahara: New entrant in the market. Caters to low end entry level segment. Good pricing. Tie up with Indiatimes, Big Bazaar etc. Yet to gain market share and popularity. Not enough feedbacks available.

Samsung: Reasonably priced, but nothing unique.

Panasonic: Panasonic has launched toughbooks to market. These are military grade netbooks priced close to a lakh rupees INR.  Panasonic toughbooks are available in different flavors and are known for ruggedness. I got a chance to use and review one such notebook-details here

Go directly to Dell* HP*Sony Vaio*Acer*Lenovo*LG*Sahara

Let me know what you think.
Note: Logos are property of respective companies. Sourced for reference from internet.

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To those seeking advice on purchase of laptops:

Please note that I do not follow the developments in notebook industry on a daily basis. Nearly one year ago I did some study before buying my laptop and this post is largely based on the study and observations made at that time. But since then, so many things have changed. While I try to respond to your queries to the best of my knowledge, please be informed that there may be differences. Please consider taking second opinion/cross check if felt necessary.


  1. To be honest, I really love the Dell models. I have had one for more than 3 years and it still performs quite well. I have no complaints.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience Donald.

  3. Commrnts received for this article at

    Chintu25 said:
    Oct 05, 2007 03:59 PM

    Where was this review when i was buying my lap top :(

    As usual an informative review.....i have Compaq Laptop bought it because of the attractive pricing but its quite slow.....I think IBM laptop’s are good but quite costly...Y & R series i think are mostly picked up by corporate customers...


    ajjis said:
    Oct 05, 2007 05:41 PM

    Cannot throw light on the topic, but could only say that your review was good as usual...Toshiba you have mentioned - no comments , well that works fine, and as Smita has said IBM though costly seems to be the best bet ...

    Paulsb02 said:
    Oct 05, 2007 05:41 PM

    Hai Shrinidhi,

    Another informative review there.

    The fine point is that you compare the models, which is very helpful.

    I also have to mention that your blog is very well taged and I could see your blog in many of my internet searches.



    alk_ranjan said:
    Oct 05, 2007 05:53 PM

    well i think

    you have missed one more brand - sahara- which i am using

    a Pentium M configuration
    works great
    and after sales service is mindblowing!!

    i have on site warranty and have called the number twice
    each time the engineer arrived same day
    first time when i called them- it was my mistake due to ISP confusion my net didn’t worked but Sahara People were still helpful and did not show me red eyes for my wrong call
    second time too- due to nero not working properly i thought my CD driver got conged they replaced my writer with a brand new set only to find later that the replaced system was also working fine- but the service engineer was damn good man - he said - now that we have installed a new CD drive - use it sir, we won’t take it back!!

    what more could i ask for?
    enidhi said:
    Oct 05, 2007 06:01 PM

    @Chintu: Yes, Lenovo is relatively expensive (lenovo might be paying some loyalty to IBM to use its name). N series is being marketted aggressively. Can be a good bet.

    Wish I could write this review earlier before you purchased yours.
    enidhi said:
    Oct 05, 2007 06:03 PM

    I believe this review does help those who are planning to buy a laptop. Though I haven’t given any specific advice like buy this or buy that, I’ve listed various pros and cons so that readers can make use of it in their purchases. Focus here was on the brands as a whole.

    IBM is no more in PC/laptop business. It has sold them to Lenovo...Lenovo has license to use IBM logo for sometime till brand transition takes place.
    enidhi said:
    Oct 05, 2007 06:05 PM


    Thanks for the comment.

    Yes. Many of my articles are topping Google search results-most popular search strings for which my blog tops are: Club Mahindra, rejection handling, bangalore Volvo buses, etc
    enidhi said:
    Oct 05, 2007 06:07 PM

    Alk Ranjan:

    yes, Sahara is fast emerging brand. Quite cheap and serves entry level market.

    Thanks for sharing your experience on the same. They need to capture market share so they are giving impressive service. Good.

    They also have tie up with big bazaar and indiatimes etc to give better deals.
    Cousin2 said:
    Oct 05, 2007 09:52 PM

    Hi Shrinidhi:

    I like the way you gave the good and bad points of each of these computers. I don’t have a blog because I don’t know how to make one that pays.

    shriramsrinivasa said:
    Oct 06, 2007 10:26 AM

    Im almost on the verge of buying a laptop. I had 2 choices in my mind and HP Compaq presario v6000 is the one which Im most likely to buy. Seeing HP on the second spot in your review has given me one more reason to choose it.

    Oct 06, 2007 02:55 PM

    Hi Srinidhi

    Excellent review... short, succint and lists most major features that are pertinent to a purchase decision. As usual, your views are worth waiting for their ideological and information content.

    Keep writing

    enidhi said:
    Oct 06, 2007 03:01 PM

    Cousin2: Thanks.

    Regarding blog, I suggest you register one with blogspot/wordpress and start writing. Options to make money will open up once you gain some readership and popularity.

    enidhi said:
    Oct 06, 2007 03:03 PM


    I can not recommond any specific model without knowing your needs. The review was about brands as a whole, not specific to models. Still hope that helps you.
    enidhi said:
    Oct 06, 2007 03:03 PM

    Thanks for the comment. Thanks for adding me to trusted circle
    envyram said:
    Oct 06, 2007 03:09 PM

    Very useful one. I bought HP (not compaq) couple of years back and it is working good. I has been good.I have seen this to be better than couple of Dell models. I would probably suggest Sony


  4. thanx shrinidhi for the information...can u guide me for wht kind of laptop i should go budget is in between 40k to 50k and my work is basically worling on ms word and other applications and gaming and internet??please guide in this regard.

  5. thanx for ur piece of information.plz help me out in selecting the laptop which suits my budget and my work need.

  6. Manisha,

    You’re looking for a decent notebook in the range of 40-50k for word processing, gaming and internet. Word processing and internet can be done in any decent notebook, so let me focus on gaming requirement.

    Most of the popular games known so far may or may not run on Vista, hence I prefer going for a XP professional OS-it saves some money, good enough for your purpose and less resource hungry than Vista.

    Gaming means you will need a good graphics card and decent memory.

    Given these, I suggest Dell VOSTRO 1500, ( Vostro 1500-Customize)

    With 50000 budget you can consider 256MB graphics card instead of 128 MB one or opt for a slightly faster processor or both (if you don’t mind extending the budget by few thousand)

    The configuration page wont let you select XP. Once you submit the request, a Dell executive will approach you by mail/phone that time ask for XP professional instead of Vista Home basic. Also be sure to negotiate the price.

    When you buy Dell you’ll encounter few drawbacks as listed in my post. If you don’t prefer Dell then we have to look for alternatives, which can be HP or Sony. But entry level HP and Compaq models wont have good graphics card (if at all) and graphics card is something we cant add later. High end versions come with Vista and you’ll have to pay extra if you don’t want Vista and want to buy XP. If you prefer you can have both XP and Vista but for that you need to be technical enough or know someone who can do it for you.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

  7. Hey ...there was a news like IBM is confirmed the acuisition of Cognos for $5 million( In addition to that, news are spreading like IBM is in aquisition talks with CTS (India) to acquire CTS by end of 2008.Any update or stories behind it?.Or is it a romour ?. IBM wants to add 50,000 employess(3000 per month) to its manpower in 2 years , but currently , they are not able to meet that target.

  8. I have no information...

    Has IBM turned towards CTS after failing to acquire Satyam? Makes sense logically...

    Btb Cognos is worth only 5 million?

  9. hi,
    im an architect and i need to select between hp1302au and sony vgnfz25gn, budget is till 70k, main tasks are rendering and autocad drawings,kindly comment..

  10. Dear Amar,

    Since your usage involves designing and drawing, you’ll need following:

    A wide screen-Preferably 15.4” to be able to view and work on drawings comfortably.

    A powerful processor, high memory and a decent graphics card, since rendering images is a resource intensive process.

    HP tx1302au pros


    2GB Memory

    Touch screen

    Remote Control and other buttons and functionalities for better multimedia experience

    Relatively light-easy to carry around and rotating monitor- easy to show your design to others (I think you don’t desperately need these two features)


    Only 12.1” display

    The additional layer introduced to achieve touch screen functionality compromises on screen clarity a little.

    I have hp tx1016AU. The pen input serves generic purpose but not precise and convenient enough for professional use.

    NVIDIA GEForce Go 6150 is a bit old while Sony’s GeForce® 8400M GT is relatively better



    Better display

    Better Graphics card


    Only 1GB memory (Can be upgraded though)

    Memory upgrade will shoot the price beyond your budget by few thousand-Sony offers 3% discount and with some negotiations with dealer you should be able to manage. Else upgrade memory later.

    I recommend buying Sony, upgrading memory to 2GB and buying a separate iBall tablet (if you want to draw something with hand). Before buying ensure that Autodesk autocad and other design products you work on are compatible with Vista. If you’re suspecting compatibility issues go for a Dell unit where u can ask for XP Professional instead of Vista.

    Hope this helps. Revert if any other clarifications are required. I’m offline for next 4 days, will respond after I return.

  11. i switched from M$ Window$ to Mac and it just rocks!! And it is way better than window$ ... a league different altogether....

  12. My budjet is upto a 1st year IITb student lukin for a general purpose laptop(gamin also inluded) confused abt SOny /HP / DEll ..i hav liked d dell models .n cheap readin ur review...i spared i thought for Sony plss hELP me!!! :-)

  13. Since you're from IITB I suggest go for Dell XPS model with a very high configuration (as permitted by your budget)

    A custom configuration should help you in case you want to use your laptop for any technical things (application development etc)

  14. thanks....evn i was thinkin of d same i had 1 more problem dats abt RAM selection vs screen width....wht should i go 4??(>>in my budjet as i mentioned above)...COULD GIVE ME A ROUGH IDEA ABT WHT CONFIG SHALL SUIT MY BUDJET OF 65K...besides....UR BLOG ROcks!! :))

  15. Hi..

    You mean 4GB RAM? That will be awesome, just dont feel it is necessary for normal usage.

    You're a techie so you should be knowing best configuration for your requirement...It may not be proper for me to blindly propose a config.. select one and let me give my feedback on that...


  16. I want to buy a laptop. i have decided my configuration. Which company shall i choose for the desired config.

    My needs are:

    I will use laptop roughly. Since i need a desktop replacement and also i want to take it from place to place and i will use it for:
    1. Gaming
    2. Browsing
    3. cad Designing (mechanical field)
    3. For reading.

    My first confusion either i should buy in india or abroad which is best.

    My detailed required config is:

    15.4" Screen size.
    Intel core 2 duo processor 2.0 to 2.1 ghz.
    2 gb ram.
    Dvd writer.
    wifi and bluetooth.
    160gb hard disc.
    built in camera & mic.
    after reading some reviews i feel g force is good option for all 3d game lovers
    but i feel integrated graphics card is cheap and satisfy my gaming requirement

    I need good service.
    immediate response from the company.
    i had experienced dell laptop inspiron 6400 my friend bought it abroad. and until now i have not faced any problem with it.

    i should also want to get satisfied with the rate of the product.
    So i finally come to an conclusion of buying laptops either from dell or hp.

    SO which one shall i chose...
    And once again where shall i buy this either in india or abroad.

    Please give me a good solution as soon as possible.

    Thanks and Regards,

  17. HI Mahadevan:

    1. Buy a dedicated nVIDIA graphics card. Graphics card can't be upgraded post purchase so invest in a good one...Intels GMA is not at all suffecient to support today's games.

    2. You might save few rupees if you buy in US, personal notebooks usually do not come with international warranty-will you be able to claim warranty in India? Check that aspect. Also unless you're going there in person you need to find someone who is returning without a laptop and trouble him/her to bring you one- it might be simple and easy to buy locally-use your prefrences and judgement.

    Dell Vostro seem to be a good choice for your wishlist, Sony and HP models can be considered but graphics card there can't be as latest and powerful as you can chose from Dell.

    You've not stated your budget. let me know the same.

  18. hai shrinithi.
    Useful review. Could u help me for a laptop?
    Usual uses only.. word,net,movies & Music. Though i like sony (for the style) Dell (due to your recommendation) i am inclined to HP just for the wire free music receiver & stereo headphone i love music.(I have a full Pioneer setup).

    I have to select between low level dv2701TU (lessthan 40K) high end dv6767Tx (approx 60K).

    I am anxious to know 2 things.
    1- considering forthcoming bue ray era Is it advisable to go for costly notebooks now or just to buy a cheaper one temperorily?

    2) Is it really worth to hurry my purchase of hp ones before may31 just for gifts sake? Wi music receiver can be obtained seperately?

    could u answer me soon?

  19. HI Sikki,

    Answers to your questions:
    Absolutely no need to hurry and buy an overpriced bru ray drive right now. Let us wait for the technology to reach the masses and price come down.

    In 2002, DVD writers were costing around Rs 15000...Now they cost Rs1500-2000. Let the prices come down drastically. Few years down the line if this technology becomes common like DVD you can go for an external blu ray drive for 1/5th its current price or you may feel like buying an all new laptop by then (assuming laptops wont get obselete so soon)

    You will not get blu ray notebook for 60k. Sony one costs over a lakh and with dell blu ray drive costs some 25k extra. If your requirements is basic I guess 45-50k can be max investment at this stage-you'll get almost all features at that price. Electronic goods depreciate so fast, expecting long term ROI will be foolishness.

    Absolutely no hurry. HP is not going to close business from June. They will continue to lure customers with some offers/schemes. May be you'll not get the same gift item, but something else of similar or greater value.

    Also your HP dealer can give you a backdated bill if you buy during June first week, so that you'll still be eligible for earlier gift.

    Also note: Getting these gifts is a big headache (I forgot to add this in post will update now) you need to send the bill copy, Rs 500 cheque/DD, HP product sticker etc by courier to one Delhi company and wait for 2-3 months for the gifts to be delivered.

    Hope this info was helpful.

  20. Thanks mr.Shrinithi. As Dell is suddenly available in chennai comp.shops.. I am getting interest to go for Dell. Next question which one Inspiron OR XPS?

    The major diff is graphics.
    Though games/designs are not my intersets..I wish to see/store lot of movies. For viewing purpose is the dedicated graphics are useful? If yes 128MB is enough or should i opt for 256?

    Will the Hard disk partition is required?

    Now dell is from india that too from my chennai? Shall i wait for the price to go down..or it is reasonable?

    The follwing configuartion XPS 1530 piece is readily available in one shop?

    T 5550 + 3Gb + 160 GB + 128 NVIDIA for 52,000 Rs net. with Blutooth Headphone (On April it was a gift)

    when i contact Dell for higher model
    T8100+3GB+250GB+256 Nvidia + Bluetooth head Phone(2500Rs)+partition they quoted 62000Rs.

    Guide me pls.

    Recently sony vaio VGN-FZ35N is reduced to 60,000 Rs. T8100+15.4 Bright LCD +2GB + 200 Gb. Look wise fantastic..but OS is vista business.

    Again my use is very limited.. just words, excel,music movies. But my weekness is once I purchase something I always love & adore until i get seven years itch. That's why i am troubling you to suggest a stylish durable laptop. see u . visit while u r in chennai. Sikki.


  21. Dear Sikki,

    One- Since you want a durable one, XPS can be better option than inspiron (Earlier XPS models with 12” screen were quite rugged-the new 13.3” and 15” XPS ones do not appear that rugged, though I haven’t seen them in person.)

    For watching movies graphics card is not a primary requirement. Even intel GMA is sufficient. If you’re a gaming freak and wish to use your notebook for next 7 years for gaming, pls go for 256MB graphics card. Graphics card can’t be upgraded later and as the new games are extremely graphics intensive and demand high memory, a slight investment will avoid future disappointments. If your gaming usage is limited then 128 MB is sufficient.

    Hard disk partition is required if you are planning to install another OS. Else it is not a requirement. Dell will give you original OS media and if you have some geek friends they will be able to do the partition later and install a second OS (Even you can try using partition magic). I feel you can save few hundred that Dell will charge for creating a partition.

    Dell has cut its prices drastically in past 6 months. I am doubtful if they will cut heavily again in near future (Remember-while they are saving the shipping cost due to Chennai plant, they also need to recover huge investment made in that plant)

    Please note: No one uses a notebook for 7 years these days-within 2-3 years prices drop 50% and technological advances make your notebook obsolete. Unless you’re adamant, I suggest don’t invest more than 40-50k at this stage, you’ll get a decent unit for that price for all practical purposes.

    Sony is good, but you can’t change graphics card and as you’re planning a long term usage, resale value is not a key concern for you.

    After you submit your order a dell rep will get in touch with you. Negotiate with him and try to get some discount/free items.

    Hope this helps.


  22. your blog really rocks sir...
    i also wanted a bit of suggestion.
    i am confused between a dell 1420 and a vaio cr. i will be using it mostly for extensive gaming, movies and surfing. can i get a 256mb graphics card in dell? coz the website doesnt say so.
    my budget is 50-55k.

  23. and ya i forgot one thing...
    i will also be using softwares like AUTO-CAD, PRO-E, SolidWorks and MATLAB.
    so performance will matter more tan looks for me...

  24. Lalit,

    I am very much sure you can select 256 MB graphics card with dell. If you couldn't find may be because you were trying to customize a low end model. Select a slightly higher variant and try to customize. If problem persists, submit your selection, a dell rep will get in touch with you-ask him to provide 256 MB graphics card.

    A high performance processor, 3GB or higher ram and decent graphics card from Dell would be a better option compared to Sony-I feel.

  25. Hi Srinidhi,

    Im planning to buy a laptop soon, but im confused between various brands. My needs are very basic woed processing, music, net browsing n movies and very little gaming.. i'd like to go for a to add a tv tuner later on.. my budget is between 40-45k.. please advice

  26. @Harry

    You will get a good laptop considering ur budget and needs.
    Look for nearby service centers and buy one. I recomend:

    1.Dell Inspiron 1525
    (Dell allows u to configure thier laptops)
    2.Sony Vaio series(Many laptops come in ur price range)
    3.Also check Acer laptops.

    Also opt for a larger display as you have ideas of buying a TV Tuner card.

  27. @hary,

    As Manoj said you'll get pretty good laptops for 40-45k range...

    If you're not comfortable with cons of Dell you can even consider HP. HP pavilion notebooks are better for entertainment than Dell...

    Even if your requirement is "very little gaming", go for a decent graphics card. (these cards can't be added later, as far as I know)


    Thanks for stepping in.

  28. hello sir,

    i m back with a query...

    dell recently stopped the production of the 1520 units and launched a new series :"studio".
    laptops from this series have better looks.
    although i had earlier decided to go for a 1420, so termination of 1520 didnt effect me, but now i m confused, yet again, as to weather i should stick to my decision or go for a "studio"... :(

    plz enlighten!!! :)

  29. Hi Lalit,

    Let me be honest- I dont have much idea on this new Studio series and dont want to comment.

    Better go to some shops displaying Dell showrooms (many shops do that these days) and explore yourself

  30. hi Shri,

    i'm planning to purchase a laptop for my brother who is doing MCA in correspondence. he would be using it for studying and doing projects. he would also use it for browsing, processing documents and watching movies. can you tell me which laptop would best fit his needs? i'm looking to spend less than 40K.

    thanks & regards,

  31. Hi Srinidhi,

    I am looking for a rugged reasonably long lasting (2-4) years laptop which is reasonably affordable in the range of 30-70k. My current laptop is a Compaq nx6125 and the one I used earlier was a Toshiba Satellite. Both laptops ran through reasonably rough use. To give you a small indication of the manner in which these were used: Neither was switched off for a period of 2 years. The Toshiba was singled out for special treatment, it was doused in 1 liter of 7-up. Then in 500 ml of Coke and still continued working though the keys were a litte sticky. I would like to go for a similarly tough piece as I just cannot think of using something that is less durable. Had the tough books been cheaper, I would have considered them but as they are not, I thought of checking with you after going through your blog. I am a writer who extensively uses Word. I would prefer to go for a laptop with an XGA display rather than any of the new fangled SXGA and UXGA and so on as I feel comfortable with XGA. In addition to this, I do a bit of share trading and do a lot of research and reading on the internet. Oh yes, I am an avid listener of music and watch movies on the laptop. I do not intend to run any games on it however. I look forward to getting some tips on choosing the best laptop with XGA and with XP native configuration as I have not been able to take up with Vista. I look forward to an answer and hope to base my purchasing decision on your professionally amateruish opinion. (good name for the blog).

  32. Hi Shrinidhi,
    I'm a software developer and planning to buy a laptop. My usage includes coding, net, music and a bit of office. Price range from 40K-45K. I'm loking for a sturdy model with good after sales service. I'm stuck between HP Compaq and Dell. Which one would u suggest for me?

  33. @Nanda,

    As a MCA student I believe he'll need to install Operating systems like Linux to learn topics related to his course. So it may be a better idea to avoid Dell, as Dell may refuse to entertain warranty or give support if customers mess up with operating systems...

    I think he can go for a HP Pavillion or compaq model. Local dealer will be helpful if you need help installing additonal OS or mess up the system while experimenting with it. Exact model I leave it to you and him-check in HP website and select a configuration he is happy with. You'll get excellent unit for 40k

    Hope this helps.

  34. @Anon

    I'm surprised by your requirements... The earlier Dell XPS (12.1" one) was quite rugged but the new XPS models appear like a compromise on ruggedness and sturdiness...

    Dell had also released prototypes of XPS model which meets military standards for heat, pressure and other parameters. Not sure if that model is commercially available.

    I am not in a position to recommend any model because I am not sure which all will survive your coke and 7-up tests.

    Also none of the branded companies officially sell XP based units now, as MS has stopped selling it. You may have to check with your retailer if they have some old stock with XP pre installed. Else take vista one and downgrade to/dual boot with XP.

    Super and Ulta XGAs are slowly replacing XGA so again have to hunt which model is still sold with XGA...

    As you seem to be quite experienced with laptops I don't think there's much I can advice. Please use your discretion. Best wishes

  35. @Anurag

    Go for HP.

    Dell will not support or will charge extra if you down grade to XP. HP service centre is more liberal in helping if you end messing things up.

    Ensure that the unit you buy has provision to liberally upgrade ram, say upto 4 GB. Best wishes

  36. thanks for the prompt response. i heard that HP laptops dont have a good battery backup. is that true?

  37. Nandha,

    I don't think its fair to generalize. Certainly HP wouldn't have reached No 1/No 2 position with inferior quality batteries.

    There're remote instances of Dell laptop catching fire or HP laptop having very poor backup... Should you find a serious issue with a particular component you can always invoke warranty and get a replacement.

    Again depends on usage...If you want to watch 2-3 movies everyday entirely on battery power, no way.

    Sony has world's strongest stamina notebook-some 9 hours I guess. With HP 10 cell battery (6+4) I could manage half a day while live blogging at

    Use your discretion..

  38. thanks a lot for the clarification, Shri :-)

  39. Hi Srinidhi,

    Thank you very much for the effort in responding to my earlier query regarding the hardy laptop. It was a tough one. Are there any laptops that you might recommend in the 25-40k range? I am currently looking at a Lenovo 77578 BQ & CQ from their Y3000 series. What is your opinion about these? The configuration is as follows:

    1) Lenovo 77578BQ: Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor T2370 (1.73 GHz, 533MHz, 1 MB L2 Cache), 14.1" WXGA Vibrant View, 1 GB DDR II, 160 GB SATA, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

    2) Lenovo 77578CQ: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5550 (1.83GHz, 667MHz, 2MB L2 Cache), 14.1" WXGA Vibrant View, 1 GB DDR II, 160 GB SATA, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

    Both come with DOS. I intend to install Windows XP. What are your opinions on these two pieces? Are there any others that I might want to take a look at before deciding?

    Look forward to your response on this.

  40. @Nanda

    You're welcome

    @ Rekha

    Your budget range-25k to 40k is a bit too wide… You’ll get a “slightly better than entry level” laptop for 25 k while for 40k you can get a pretty decent configuration… So may you should decide on the budget first-is it 25-30k or 35-40k? (or something like that)

    I do not know your usage. So it will be inappropriate to declare the models you’ve selected as good or bad. Again, terming a particular model and configuration as good or bad depends on the budget, your preferences, usage etc. Throw some more light on these, we can discuss more precisely.

    MS has stopped selling XP, so vendors like Dell force you to go with Vista… XP might still be available with non Dell vendors as they might have some old stock. It’s not legal for me to advise going for pirated copies-assume you know your options.

    Regarding the 2 pieces you’ve selected, the second one is obviously better but costs more. Also be informed that intel GMA will disappoint you if you’re a gaming freak. Else it should be just fine. Any particular reasons for short-listing only Lenovo?

    I know I didn’t give pinpoint answer to your question (that’s due to lack of understanding of your needs and requirements), but hope this reply helps.

    Best wishes


  41. Nice work. We may work together soon. You write good analysis. seems you are a sort of guy who by default analysis things.

  42. @ 123-

    thanks for the complements.. But what do you mean by "we may work together" ? Are you joining my company and will be my collegue or are you offering me a job????

    Second option I'm not interested.

  43. Hi Nidhi,

    First, very useful tips!

    Now to my question - I am looking at purchasing a laptop primarily for home use, so size is not an issue, and I like the concept of mobile desktops. Usage will be mostly for net browsing, with secondary being multimedia apps (movies and some gaming).

    My budget is Rs 60k tops (taxes included). What would you suggest as being my best options?


  44. HI Nairu,

    I understand you're looking for a high end entertainment notebook. HP has some new releases of late- check

    Pick the exact model based on the configuration you like.

    Dell Studio or Sony widescreen model VAIO FZ - VGN-FZ35GN could be other considerations

    Hope this helps.

  45. hey O'm an engineering student and want to purchase a laptop...budget is 30 to 40....and I'm confused between dell and toshiba....

  46. Dear Aditya,

    your requirements are not specific enough. Can't directly declare Dell is Good and Toshiba is bad or vice versa. Any specific reasons for preferring Toshiba? Even Acer entry level laptops that come in your budget are good.

    If you've just joined engg, I guess you need to invest well and buy a unit that lasts next 4 years, till you get a job. So be extra cautious while selecting.

    Best wishes.

  47. Hey Shri,

    I'm a regualr visitor of ur blog, enjoy reading the stuff out here :)

    I will be using a laptop for my Home business, will be interested to get some helpful comments on Dell Studio 15 & are backlit keyboards beneficial ??

  48. hey...aditya here...sorry about not being specific.....choice is b/w dell inspiron 1525 and toshiba satelliteL310-P4010...anyways how is general response about toshiba??

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. @ Aditya,

    Of the 2 models, Dell is a clear winner due to a more powerful processor.

  51. @ Pankaj,

    Dell studio is a recently launched model-I haven't seen it or studied in detail. Looks like its more from an entertainment orientation.

    Backlit keyboards are helpful to those who are not yet good in typing and can't type without seeing the keyboard. For those who can type comfortably without looking at the keyboard, this feature is not that relevant.

    Also backlight adds to the beauty of the notebook and will be helpful to locate specific function keys during night time when external lighting is not sufficient.

    Hope this helps

  52. Thanks for replying ...
    Can u look at the link and gimme some of ur expert comments on it --

  53. My observations:

    6 Cell battery may not be sufficient at times. If budget permits buy an additional battery or go for 9 cell. (if you do not plan to spend much time away from power supply ignore this)

    Graphics card: Are you a gaming freak? If not ignore this. A dedicated NVIDIA/ATI graphics card is essential for true gaming experience, at least 128 MB. Intel GMA won’t be sufficient. You can’t change graphics card post purchase, so decide now (spare battery you can buy later also)

    The mother board will have only 2 RAM slots. The 3 GB RAM you’ve selected consists of 2 GB*1 + 1 GB * 1. In future if you plan to upgrade to 4 GB, there will not be a 3rd slot to add another GB Ram. You’ll have to buy a 2GB ram and replace it in the place of current 1 GB ram. If you don’t have any usage for this old 1GB ram it becomes redundant. If you do not plan to upgrade in future you can ignore this aspect- else try either of this- Option 1- post submission of the order, a Dell rep will contact you- ask him to reduce the RAM to 2GB (2GB *1 unit) this way you’ll save some money right now and the 2nd RAM slot remains free. In future you can buy another 2GB RAM and insert it in the spare slot. Option 2: Upgrade right now to 4GB (Rs 1800 extra)

    (I saw that Dell page is not offering a 128 MB graphics card or select alternate battery options- ask Dell rep (who will contact you once you submit order) for such changes, if required. Also you can bargain with him to get some discount/free items.

    Best wishes.

  54. Shri,

    Thank u very much for a detailed explaination ...

  55. What about ASUS didnt comment much on leneovo, compaq etc.

    himanshu18in [at]

  56. Yes, I haven't studied in detail about Lenovo, Toshiba, Compaq etc

    ASUS only had motherboards so far. Very recently they have launched mobile phones, laptops and other items. Haven't studied this brand much.

  57. hi, srinidhi,
    I want to purchase a laptop.
    but I am confused between dell and toshiba...

    though i know about dell I hav no idea about toshiba....

    Tell me between dell and toshiba which is gud.price does not matter.

  58. Anup,

    I haven't studied Toshiba much... It is difficult to blindly say this company is good and that company is bad...

    Based on your requirements, budgets, usage and latest models/offers of these companies one can decide...

    Going by the popularity wave Dell is a better choice. If you have any specific requirements/constraints in mind we can discuss further

    Hope this helps

  59. how much money(min. cost but good features) needed to buy dell xps

  60. Pls chck Dell website...

    XPS being higher end model, even the base variant is quite adequate...But I advice opting for NVIDIA graphics card-another 3.6k (other upgrades are not so critical)

    So make it 55k approx

  61. Hi. I'm contemplating on getting either the Dell Inspiron 1420 or the HP Pavilion dv3029tx.

    I'm going to start uni and I basically need one for it's basic usage. powerpoints, excel sheets n stuffs. And am not a gaming person. Which do you recommend?

    Thank you very much

  62. Pl...

    I am not in a good mood now... My HP laptop, which has just cleared its warranty period, seems to have a hard disc failure...

    It may not be fair to generalize though..

    Coming to your 2 picks- Some of the fancy features of HP entertainment notebooks- (like remotes, lightscribe labeling) you may never use. If you don't want gaming the NVIDIA graphics card wont be necessary, simple Intel GMA would suffice.

    Also 2 GB RAM and 160 GB hard disc of HP model are low by today's standards-you may feel the need for more soon...

    Keeping these facts in mind, it might make sense to opt for Dell and select better RAM and HDD, cut on graphics card and other redundant components.

    That's my opinion...

  63. Hi Srnidhi,
    Thanks for such a wonderful post. I am about to buy a laptop shortly.
    need some help form you.

    1. My budget is 25k-35k. I will be asking one of my friends to buy it from US as i supoose that the investment of 25k-35k in US will be equiv to 35k-45k here in India. Correct me if i am wrong

    2. I am a sw engg, might need to install Linux for some coding and all. Apart from coding kind of work, i will mainly need it for reading e-books, browsing, Movies, music (with bluetooth option). So need to store a no. of movies and songs.....will prefer large HD. also need the laptop for small games, not the high grphic ones.

    3. from Cost and after sale service pts of view, I am inclined towards HP, and after reading your blog and replies i think my choice is correct.

    4. Little bit about desired cnfiguration:
    hard drive:320GB
    RAM: 3GB-4GB
    Processor: Intel core-duo
    Graphic card desirable

    Is it okay within my budget? And will i get full support from customer service if i buy from outside? Also if i take a TV tuner card, how much extra will it cost? can i take it later also?

    Thx in adv,

  64. Hi

    that was great post but as you know little old.

    I was about to join a IT MNC and was planning to buy a new lappy. Finished my engineering 2 months back.

    As you can check..I am a blogger at heart and also a freelance writer.

    My requirements:

    -- Various Internet Browsers (Most Important)
    -- Installing / uninstalling tiny s/w just to test them.
    -- c, dot net and java programming
    -- MS SQL for database practice ONLY
    -- I am not mad about music or high end games so that isn't a huge requirement.

    I configured Dell 1525 recently and the cost was around 45k. My budget is same. 45k

    is this the best of anything cheaper can also do good for me?

    Buying laptop from USA and bring it this good option. Won't I face problems if I need customer service. What about warranty and all?

  65. @ Manisha

    1. with 1 $ costing Rs 48 now, a 1000 $ laptop would cost Rs 48000, compared to 42000 few months back when rupee was strong. The price difference won't be in the range of 5-10k, it will be mostly around 2-3k for entry level laptops.

    You many not be able to claim warranty in India and troubling someone to shop for a laptop and bring it all the way will kind of neutralize the cost advantage-so if situations permit buy from there, else don't worry too much, buy here only.

    Most of the entry level models in sub 30k won't have the configuration you're expecting. It will have lesser HDD, RAM and usually no graphics card-intel GMA will be used, which is not good for graphic intensive games.

    You can either extend your budget, or can opt for upgrading RAM later and buy an external HDD whenever budget permits.

    HP should be fine, but they won't give original OS media. If you want to dual book Linux and Vista, you'll have to find a geeky work around. Officially you're not supposed to.

    Hope this helps. Sorry for late reply.

  66. @ Salman,

    Pls refer to my reply above for buying in US and bringing it here.

    Your requirements and selection seems fine to me.

    Your first two requirements are OS specific and have nothing to do with laptop configuration. Vista can be very pathetic in this aspect. Post purchase you'll have to install a more robust OS.

    Hope this helps

  67. Hi Shrinidhi,

    I read ur post on comparisions between various trusted brands like Dell, Sony, Lenovo etc. In this context seek your expert advise in my decision making.

    First of all, am not fully convinced that I shud go for laptop. The reason I need one PC is I'll be moving to Europe early next year (Jan). Hence need a PC to be used at home mainly from entertainment & leisure point of view. Thus am in two minds if I shud buy a desktop or laptop.

    The move to EU will be professionally managed hence there won't be any hassels in terms of moving a desktop for India to EU however, am not an expert in assembling and installing a PC.

    In case I have to go for a laptop, pls advise some "good" config which will suite the requirements like normal gaming, surfing and other media related aspects. The budget is around Rs 30000 to 45000.

    Also pls advise if its a good idea to buy laptop from US... is there any major advantage in doing so especially in these days when Rupee is weak ? Thanx in advance for your guidance. Looking forward to hear from u soon.

    Best Regards,

  68. @ Nikhil

    About buying in US-
    1. with 1 $ costing Rs 48 now, a 1000 $ laptop would cost Rs 48000, compared to 42000 few months back when rupee was strong. The price difference won't be in the range of 5-10k, it will be mostly around 2-3k for entry level laptops.

    You many not be able to claim warranty in India and troubling someone to shop for a laptop and bring it all the way will kind of neutralize the cost advantage-so if situations permit buy from there, else don't worry too much, buy here only.

    About your main question:
    You'll get a desktop PC with much powerful configuration at lesser price compared to laptop. So if Mobility is not your primary requirement and need a system which your family also can use, go ahead for a desktop. With flat monitors they are not so bulky to transport either. You dont need to be an expert to assemble a PC-just 2-3 simple connections to connect CPU with monitor, keyboard, mouse power cable etc. Anyone can help you in that.

    A desktop would last longer, cheaper to maintain and depreciate less compared to notebook. So unless mobility is your key requirement you can verymuch manage with a desktop.

    Regarding exact configuration, I recommend visiting a local computer shop-vendor would explain various components-their usage/need/significance and price. I can't blindly give a recommendation as it is a matter of personal choice and preference. If you still need assistance let me know.


  69. Hey Srinidhi..... Thanks a lot for the response. i think i should review my budget or specs....

    just wanted to know about bestbuy or circuitcity? do they sell outdated models?

    And dont need to be sorry... :-)

    Thx again

  70. @ Manisha

    My pleasure.

    I do not know about bestbuy or circuitcity. So no comments.

  71. hey shrinidhi....
    have been hooked onto this blog of urs for a few weks...
    realy luv it....
    have been plannin to buy a dell XPS 1530...
    but the prob i have is that i have heard abt nVidia GPUs failin in case of XPS models 1330 n 1530..
    is it true ????
    its the only thing stoppin me from buyin this XPS laptop i really luv...

    plz suggest...

  72. @ Anurag

    I haven't been following the developments of late and am not aware of this particular concern.
    Also we tend to generalize such remote incidents. If the issue is serious enough then Dell would have done a product recall. If one or two incidents are reported it may not be fair to say whole XPS range is faulty. Also you should be able to claim warranty in case you happen to get a defective product.

    Please cross check on that. Unless substantial number of such incidents are detected I feel you can proceed with the purchase.

  73. hey shrinidhi....
    have a look at this official blog....from DELL

  74. @ Anurag

    Thanks for the link. I feel it was honest attempt by Dell to identify the issue.

    May be it will be safe to post pone your purchase by say another month, till Dell expresses 100% satisfaction. Or you can take a chance and buy it, as your probability of facing this issue will be very low, particularly since new systems would have latest Bios.

    Earlier XPS used to have a rugged look with 12" screen-now it doesn't stand out from the crowd. You can try a Sony Vaio with similar configuration if you're hesitant about Dell

  75. yeah DELL XPS 1530 doesnt stand at equal place wid sony vaio of course...
    but wid the same config vaio will be hella lot costlier....
    also i have the option of accessin DELL EPP option....givin me a sizeable discount....

  76. Dear Shrinidhi,

    I want to buy a laptop, im in a confusion mood of the brands and configurations. I can put upto 50K.
    Main usage of laptop is for personal home usage(msoffice), watching movies,listening music, browsing & sometimes games...And maybe at particular time requires SAP application also.

    Core 2 duo 2 - 2.4Ghz
    3GB to 4GB Ram
    250/320 GB hdd
    for Graphics help required.

    I want to know which brand(hp/dell/sony) is suggestable.

    I have seen these laptops Dell XPS 1330/HP dv2910tx/Sony CS14G based on my price range.

    Please suggest me regarding this.


  77. Hi nidhi,
    I'm looking for a home use lappy in the price range of 35-45k...can extend the budget a little if needed. My requirements are:
    -Heavy internet usage as I may have to work.
    -Only browsing not a big fan of youtube and the likes
    -Music and movies-so need a decently large memory(need not be too much as I dont mind burning DVDs)
    -bluetooth connectivity if possible
    -Not a gaming freak. So not very particular about graphics card.
    -Only restricted mobility
    -A very important criterion(atleast acc to me :) )-should last long(atleast 5-6 years) and I wont be using it roughly.
    It would be of great help if you could enlighten me on what config to choose. I was looking at Dell coz that's the only one which allows me to customize as per my wish.
    I would also like to know if 14" or 15.4" screen is better?
    Thanks in advance,

  78. Dear Rajendra

    My comments:
    Dell XPS-Good-lets you select specifications as per your requirement. Bus is slightly above your budget and screen is small for watching movies

    HP- I couldn’t find the exact model on HP site-Also I do not recommend tx models (touchscreen ones) as it is a compromise on screen clarity and durability. Not sure of the price also- looks above 50k

    Sony: 2GB memory is little less for the amount you’re planning to spend. But rest of it looks good and fits perfectly into your budget. Good thing is that second memory slot is free- you can upgrade and add another 2 GB later when money permits.

    Since you’re saying “Sometimes games” I assume default intel GMA should suffice.

    Sony looks like best of the 3 for the budget and other requirements. if you can extend the budget by another 10k you can select XPS and upgrade a bit- else go for sony

    Hope this helps

  79. @ Archana

    Well, looks like Dell Inspiron basic version meets most of from your requirements and budget. Give a consideration for an intermediate Compaq notebook or Acer as well- visit a showroom and compare the models and prices, if time permits. Also you don’t need vista. If you can get back to XP or Linux, it should save lot of your time compared to Vista which has a higher tendency to hang if you open so many windows and applications for your work.

    14” or 15.4”- Since you want to browse and watch movies a lot, 15.4” should be ideal. 14” one saves some size and weight and is ideal for those who travel a lot-since that is not a primary criteria enjoy it on a big screen.

    I do not want to take the risk of assuring that any model would last 5-6 years. Most of them do last longer, but sitting here I cannot say- this model will last long, buy it… It depends on handling, usage, maintenance, product build quality, environment in which it is used (dust & moisture, heat) and a bit of luck. You can buy extended warranty for better peace of mind. Hope you understand. Also technology gets obsolete within short span of time and you may feel like discarding old one and buy a new one within few years

    Hope this helps

  80. hi i thought of buying laptop and my usage would be to install high end tools and for development and i use linux operating system.

    My budget would be 35k-40k

    configuration as follows
    PROCESSOR Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T5800 (2.0GHz, 2MB Cache, 800 MHz FSB) edit
    OPERATING SYSTEM linux edit
    DISPLAY 15.4" Widescreen WXGA (1280x800) TFT Display edit
    OPTIONAL NOTEBOOK COLOUR KITS Jet Black Color with Matte Finish edit
    MEMORY 2GB(2x1G) Dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM edit
    HARD DRIVE 160GB SATA Hard Drive edit
    OPTICAL DRIVE Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Combination Drive with dual layer write capabilities edit
    VIDEO CARD Intel(R) Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 edit
    AUDIO SOLUTION Integrated Stereo Sound edit
    WIRELESS NETWORK CARD Wireless 1395 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless Mini Card edit
    BLUETOOTH MODULE Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module edit
    BATTERIES 6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery edit

    Please suggest me to buy
    Good brand
    Technical support
    Robust and reliable

  81. Santosh,

    You seem to have copy pasted the specification of some specific model from some website... why not buy that one only?

  82. hi.. I am plannin 2 get a new laptop. Can any of you please suggest which brand and what model would b best for a similar config

    12-14.1" Display (I dont want a bigger screen)
    2.26-2.4 GHz Intel Centrino Duo
    256MB Graphics (If not 125would do)
    4Gb RAM
    BlueRay DVD RW
    25-320GB HDD
    Wifi and Bluetooth
    Touchpad with scroll zone!! (it helps :) )
    Atleast 3Hrs battery backup

    It would be of great help, since i dont have much info on latest models and brand qualities.
    I am happy wit my current HP which i have been using for 4yrs now. Time for upgrade. But HP does not seem to have a suitable config!!!

  83. You want BluRay, then your options get limited to specific models of Dell, Sony and may be HP. I feel you're most likely to encounter some shortfalls in Sony or HP models compared to your specs- they may not have one or more options as per your requirement and you may be forced to compromise.

    Try Dell XPS and customize it. 13" screen and other options should meet your requirements. (Blu-ray option, if not available explicitly during customization, ask the Dell representative who'll contact you after you submit your order)

  84. But BluRay drive unnecessarily costs Rs 35k extra-almost as much as a laptop- will be a good idea to wait for few more years for Blu-ray drives and Solid state harddiscs become more common and affordable...

  85. Hi Snidhi,
    Your blog is ROCK...awesome.
    I am planning to buy a laptop in the range 40K-45K and after doing same RnD, I got following models with different brands:
    13.3 inch
    Dell Inspiron 13
    14.1 inch
    Sony VGN-CS12GH/B
    Lenovo IdeaPad Y430 - 278136Q
    15.4 inch
    Dell Inspiron 1525
    HP Pavilion dv5-1104tu
    Sony VGN-NS15G/S

    Please help me out to find best laptop for me. I require laptop for MSOffice work(Word, PPT, frontpage, Access, Excel), Internet browsing, music listining, movie watching, games (very less), some programming.
    If anyother model is better then above models, then pls suggest me.

    Thanks in Advance.
    Vivek Agarwal

  86. Vivek,

    I see that you're more inclined towards entertainment part -movies, net, music, games etc. I feel the 15.4" HP pavillion is best of the lot

    Since you're not very particular about config Dell can be dropped out and Sony is likely to go beyond your budget.

  87. Ref: comment dated Thursday, December 11, 2008 2:12:00 AM

    Hi, Thankyou for the comments. I am in the UK and planning to buy the laptop here. And considering that i would be using it for another 3-4 yrs (tat is how long i used my current on)blueray would b widely used in the market by then. also the price diff is not very huge here. so between the 3 brands you suggested which would b the best in terms of quality and support? i just saw some models of hp, sony and dell... sony: vgn-cr42z/r, vgn-cs11s/w, Dell: xps m1330(n12x3306), and HP dv3500. Which would b the best pick among these or would u recommend ny other model??

  88. Krish

    I don't know the service network of HP and Sony in UK. I believe it will be similar to India.

    I feel Sony will be a good choice from Quality and Support point of view. Dell will fail when it comes to support and service, if you're not comfortable with online/telephone help.

    Unfortunately I am not in a position to go through different variants and help you select one, but of the 2 Sony models you've shortlisted CS11s/w looks better.

    Hope this helps

  89. i am confused between the
    dell studio 15
    hp 1104tu and
    dell inspiron 1525

    which one do u recommend.. my usage wud be office suite, web browsing, movies, music, and games

  90. Dell inspiron, with a config similar to the HP model you've mentioned, with 4 GB memory and a nVidia graphics card should suit best for your requirement. If money is not a constraint you can go for Studio, which will be slightly expensive for the same configuration, but believed to be better in chipset and build quality.

    Hope this helps

  91. Hi Snidhi,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Continue to my previous mail, I want a laptop with good performance so I have selected a laptop of Sony "VAIO CS-VGN-CS15GN". Could you please suggest me for this model? Or please suggest me any other better laptop with the same configuration and price range?

  92. @ Cooldevil

    Go for it...

    best wishes and happy new year...

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. From Dell laptop, Is any model which equals all capability of SONY VAIO VGN FZ35GN laptop. ie.. SONY VAIO VGN FZ35GN laptop = ??? DELL laptop I need to know.. Can anyone reply to my mail

  95. thankyou for the advice. cheers mate. wish u a happy new year..

  96. Thanks Krish. Wish you the same

    William, sorry I do not have an exact match in mind. No time to check these either

  97. hi,
    I need a laptop from DELL which equals all configurations like sony VAIO FZ - VGN-FZ35GN.. Can u suggest a good DELL model name and prize in Indian money?

  98. Hi Shrinidhi, I have a DELL Inspiron 6000,15" screen, Laptop but I find it very heavy and cumbersome for carrying from place to place.
    Now I want to buy a new Laptop. I use my Lap top for business purposes, email, internet, Presentations etc.both in the office and outside it.
    I am looking at one with 14" screen, that would weigh Less than 3KG,with good Battery hours, may be good processor, good 4GB memory,Hard disk of 200GB?
    Can you please suggest a good product in SONY VAIO
    My budget would be 50K to 60K.

    How about VGN-CS21GN/B, do you think this is suitable.

    Thanks in advance, MSW.

  99. MSW,
    VGN-CS21GN/B looks good but doesn’t meet some of your own specifications on RAM and HDD. Will that be fine for you? The new CS - VGN-CS25GN/B appears slightly better and still within your budget. Use remaining money to install additional 2GB ram on the free slot.

    Also if you’re planning it for presentations, a laptop with remote control will be very useful. Not sure which Sony model has one, but many of HP and Dell models have one. I do not have time to study all latest models and recommend a specific one. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Sorry I missed to reply earlier.
    Couldn’t find VAIO FZ - VGN-FZ35GN on Sony India website. Guess its discontinued. Hope you were able to find a similar model in Dell

    Hope this helps

  100. Thanks Shrinidhi. I am sure all others agree with me that
    You are a GEM! :-)

  101. nothing like that... Whatever little I knew I wrote.. I may be wrong also.. people need to be careful..

  102. Great analysis. This will be helpful for many, who want to purchase a new laptop.

    But I wouldn't suggest Dell, even for my enemy. Just visit my blog to have a feel of what I have been through after I purchased a Dell XPS

    Only the lucky few individual customer and the corporate customers much be happy with Dell.

  103. Hi Shrinidhi,

    My brother is planning to design a website in or in PHP. He will also maintain his site on Internet.
    So he need a laptop which is good in performance by coding part and also by Interet part.
    He will also little use it for music listining.
    Could you please suggest me laptops in two price ranges: Rs. 40K - 45K and 45K - 50K


  104. Hi,

    I m a Microsoft SharePoint Developer
    and also Develop ASP.Net & Window base application in Microsoft VS .Net platform.

    Right now i m in USA , I came here for 3 months so I want to buy my leptop from here.

    My Bgt is 800-1000$..

    Manoj Patel

    So which one is good for me from Sony,Dell,Lenovo,HP ?

    Also give me details about service in India bcoz i will be there in next 2 months? (which company provide better service in india?)

  105. Giridhar,

    There will be some extremely disappointing experiences for some with specific vendor-I feel such incidents need to be treated on a case by case basis and it is not fair to generalize and blacklist entire brand. Best is to anticipate such possible disappointments and be prepared (with warranty etc)- Just my opinion.


    Your brother will need a robustly built and high config laptop which can handle multiple OS and heavy workload with ease. Sony ones will be out of budget. I feel he can consider Dell XPS range in that price range. It comes within 40-45k and if budget permits can be some more upgrades, in terms of processor and memory can be done.

    I am not aware if any brand/model is custom designed/optimized/best suited for .net programming. Guess any windows based notebook with reasonably robust hardware will do. You can decide brand/model model and based on configuration you're keen on. HP and Sony have very good service network in India followed by Lenovo and Dell.

    Hope this helps. Sorry for delay.

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. hay your info was helpful,i have a sony vaio vgn fe31m i bought it for £900 ve used it for 14-15months but now i wanna sell it and buy macbook or macbook pro instead i was just thinkin if you could help me with that.I am confused wat resale value should i put for has 160gb hard drive 1.83 processor speed with 1gb ram and t5600 processor.

  108. Toshina,
    A new notebook with similar configuration is available for less than 30k to 35k INR i.e. £ 400-470.
    Being a used notebook you'll have to offer it much lesser- at least 10-25% less, say at about £ 360-400 or so, assuming it is in very good condition.

    Please check in eBay at what price a notebook with similar configuration are quoted.

    Its always disappointing to see our purchases lose value. Unless you're not particular about money or very keen on Mac, I would suggest make the most of current notebook.

    Hope this helps

  109. i'm a student of iit delhi second year
    i need to have a portable computing devic ewhich i can carry freely(in short i need to buy a laptop)

    what i'm looking for in the laptop is
    that it should have
    1 -> very low heating as i will be working on it for very long hours

    2 -> a long battery life

    3 -> and a good graphics card

    can you suggest me one??
    i'll be really obliged

    i am considering dell inspiron 15 at the moment but i am worried about its after sale support
    like do they charge for an engineer visit heavily and whats the scope for the laptop going haywire

  110. i'm the same anonymus guy above
    one more thing i'm also lookin in for a remote control prefferably

    and my budget is
    rs 30000 - 35000

    can be raised up by 3000 or 4000

  111. Hey, I would pursuing an mba dis year and need a laptop for mainly dat purpose {presentations and a little bit of gaming } Budget : 40k

    Pls suggest a laptop...would the dell series be gud

  112. Paul,

    All laptops let you do presentations, provided you have MS office (preferably) or other similar packages installed. But you may wish to have a laptop with remote control, so as to run the slides from a distance.

    Gaming-basic gaming can be done on all. But opt for an ATI/Nvidiea graphics card.

    So any intermediate model with a graphics card and remote control is good enough for you. Check HP Pavilion, Dell Inspiron or Acer mainly.

  113. Lucky,
    Low heating can't be a selection criteria-You may by a laptop cooling pad separately.

    Long battery life-I think Samsung has recently launched a model with fuel cell batteries that last upto one month-no idea how good the laptop is otherwise. Other option is to buy additional battery.

    Good graphics card + remote control might be difficult within 40k, more so if add on battery and cooling pad also needs to be accommodated in same amount. Hope this helps

  114. Hey,
    M planning to gift ma fiancee a laptop. Budget 30,000-35,000
    Basic reqmts, 2-4GB ram, storage shud b gud.
    Which is da best laptop u wud suggest.
    Wud Like to go for HP.
    Pliz suggest some laptops which fit in my budget n da one u wud prefer

  115. Hey thanks for the reply...I have shortlisted the inspiron series and the studio series of dell...but am unable to decide amongst the 2 can u pls give a comparative view on the same

  116. Hi Shrinidhi,
    I'm confused as to buy which laptop?..Sony Vaio or budget is 38K to requirements are basic .....light wieght preferably 14"screen, good processing speed....Windows XP software....crisp should be a low manitanence laptop for sure..


  117. thanx for the info shrinidhi
    can you suggest me a laptop with a great graphics card for playing serious games but the laptop should be as minimally priced as possible
    i was recently browsing the net and i came up with a few options
    ->ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) HD4330 - 256MB
    ->Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
    ->NVIDIA GeForce® 8200M G
    the first two options are available with dell inspiron1545
    and the last one with
    hcl Leaptop B38

    i am really confused on buying a laptop
    if you could suggest one of the above or any other it would be of great help to me

    yours sincerely
    lucky grover

  118. Lucky,
    Try the latest Dell Studio-it has ATI 512 MB graphics, 4GB memory... But price is nearly 50k+taxes, if you can stretch it.


    At 35k you'll only get basic models. Decent HP Pavillion ones cost Rs 40k upwards.

    You may wish to gift one with pink colour? Why not extend the budget a bit and go for a decent Sony or Dell or HP?

    Else consider HP Mini-its small and cute, though won't have certain features like CD Drive.

    Inspiron < Studio < XPS that's how Dell range goes in terms of build. If budget permits go for Studio.

    Don't think any laptops come loaded with XP these days. All branded ones sell with Vista preloaded. Sony being slightly expensive a good configuration not possible at 42k. Consider Dell.

    Low maintenance can't be guaranteed-depends on how you handle it, voltage fluctuations at your home, type of softwares you install and viruses that may try to attack-so many factors affect how much you'll end up spending on maintenance.

  119. Hey Thanks for your help.
    I m ready to streach my budget upto 40k. Which ones wud u recommend. If possible pliz give me da model so i can buy da specific one. Also state some models near my budget so dat if possible i wud streach my budget a bit more. Pliz help me out.

  120. thanx shrinidhi
    you helped a lot
    i was initially wondering about dell inspiron 1545 with ati 4330 upgrade but the laptop is having bad reviews plus it doesn't even have a webcam hdmi port
    so finally

    i have now narrowed my choices to
    either a dell studio 15
    the 44000 one
    an hp pavillion dv5 1203 ax

    both are having none or less the same specs except that

    1>processor of dell is an intel core2duo with a 2mb cache
    whereas hp is offering amd turion dual core with only 1 mb cache

    2> dell is having ati radion 4570
    with 256mb dedicated memory
    hp is having ati radion 3450 512 mb dedicated memory

    i have heard the the sound system of the dell laptop is not very good

    and is it a myth or reality that the amd processors (hp) get heated up a lot

    please help me in choosing one of the above

    yours sincerely
    Lucky Grover

  121. Hi Shrinidhi,
    I am confused in between Dell Inspiron1545 and Sony Vaio CS25. Both are latest and having promising configuration.
    --Core2Duo P8600, 2.4GHz/1066FSB/3MB
    --4GB RAM
    --320GB HDD
    --Vista Home Premium 32-Bit

    --Core2Duo P8600, 2.4GHz/1066FSB/3MB
    --2GB RAM
    --250GB HDD
    --Vista Business 32-Bit

    I am a software engineer and so I will be using my laptop for software development work purpose. This means I need a laptop in which --I can install heavy softwares like Visual Studio 2008 (For .Net)
    SQL Server 2005 (For database)
    Utility softwares for Digital Photography, Vedios and good support for multimedia
    --Laptop on which I can work continously for 20-22 hrs and it should not give me any heat or noise problem or automatic shutdown problem
    --Laptop which I can keep in sleep mode for 6-8 hrs after continuous use of 18-20 hrs and again I should be able to use for continuous 18-20 hrs and so on.

    I know I am too much demanding for a laptop but really I don't want to go for a desktop as I am having back ache problem.

    Please guide me.

    Yours sincerely,
    Soumen Banerjee

  122. I have Lenovo 300 410 77578CQ model. It comes with Core 2 Duo and 1 GB RAM. My questions is, whats the max RAM I can install in this laptop model & does this laptop support 64Bit Windows OS ?

  123. Hi I purchased HP Pavilion dv2725,

    My head ache starts on that time. The product is quiet expensive. HP Battry will not stand more than a year. HP will not change your battery even if u r in warrenty period. Now after 1.3 years mother board of that that brand also gone. If u ask for any support hp will charge u much. Its my personal experience dont buy hp product.

    One of the victim of hp product,

  124. Sivasakti,

    Thanks for the alert. But motherboard failure can also be due to voltage fluctuations at your place and other external reasons.

    Lenovo 300 410 77578CQ owner,
    Modern day laptops support upto 4GB RAM, if I am not mistaken. There will be 2 slots to insert RAM- if you have 500MB*2RAMs then both these slots would be occupied-you'll have to discard one to upgrade.

    Your laptop will support 64bit windows, but you may have challenges related to device drivers (for example audio may not work etc) and 3rd party applications which were made for 32bit OS. If you're not comfortable with OS installations, seek professional help before such migrations.

    Soumen Banerjee,
    I feel DELL is better choice, but consider Studio or XPS instead of inspiron, for Studio and XPS will have better build compared to inspiron, for the same configuration.

    Sorry for late reply. If you've bought already, please let us know.

  125. Lucky Grover,
    Sorry, couldn't reply to comments at this post. Which one did you buy finally?

    Sorry for not being able to respond. Which one did you buy? I'm seeing good configurations under 40k these days. Hope you made a smart choice.

  126. @shrinidhi hande

    sir, my dad needs a laptop around 40k for some basic office purposes, like office, softwares like tally, pls, watching movies, and listening to songs.his needs are medium multimedia usages, but nothing too graphic intensive.

    i have zeroed in on dell, an inspiron is going to cost me around 37k, whereas a studio is going to cost me 42k.only difference in configuration is a graphic card, which my father really doesnt need.

    he wants a laptop that is sturdy, and can run for around a period of 4-5 years.what i wanted to ask was, is there a difference in build quality of an inspiron and studio with same specs? and would the graphic card with dedicated memory be of any use, even in the future years, except for gaming? is it worth spending 5k extra on studio, i mean, will this investment pay off for future use (arnd 4 years), bar gaming, or will buying an inspiron will make no such difference in long term use? and would u recommend me vostro instead of inspiron and studio?

    plus, is there any difference in lenovo , dell, and hp in terms of performance, if the specs are same? is there any such issue that lenovo ones are more efficient than dell ones,or sturdier? the lenovo laptops in this range are g430 and g530 series ones.

    if u would like to recommend me any other specific modal or brand sir, please do so.

    is there any significant weight difference in the above brands, just as an outside factor?

    plus, how good is after sales service of dell, compared to hp and lenovo ?

    hoping for your reply as soon as possible

    yours sincerely

  127. Sakar,
    1. Studio has indeed better build. If budget isn't a constraint, go for Studio
    2. You can do away without dedicated graphics card. For not so serious graphics intensive users (games and designers), Intel GMA is enough
    3. Better go for Inspiron/Studio than Vostro (personal opinion)
    4. As long as OS, RAM and processor are same, performance is expected to be identical. But minor differences could be there due to how components are packaed)like which one allows better cooling etc). Build quality, after sales service and durability should be considered to decide which brand,
    5. Can't generalize which brand is more sturdier. Need to compare one on one model wise.
    6. Aftersales service is good but will be expensive, after warranty-for all 3 brands. Better build good relationship with shop owner from where you buy-he might be able to help out economically.

    Hope this helps

  128. hey ....i am starting university in sept and need a laptop cant decide which brand is more durable......i would prefer something that would at least last me 4 years. Will be using it for everyday computing, no heavy gaming... can u please offer you expert advice.

  129. What is the budget?
    Can't generalize which brand is more durable. Also depends on how well it is handled and taken care of. Earlier Dell XPS models were very rugged-current ones aren't.

  130. sorry for the delay
    i purchased the dell inspiron 1545
    with a graphics card update to ati radeon hd 4330
    and a facial recognition software [:P]
    i'm really liking this laptop probably because its my first one and yeah reading ebooks is now hell lot easy
    i needed one badly as astudent that i have realised now
    thanx for the help anyways

  131. Anon:
    You're buying in US? Try Dell Studio or Acer

    Good to know you're enjoying your purchase. Assume your purchase and post purchase dealings with Dell went smooth.
    have good time.

  132. yes i am buying in the usa .......but i keep finding reviews where people had problems with their laptops... i was looking at a sony vaio nw series but a friend had one after 2 weeks the motherboard failed..... looked at an hp dv6t but read multiple reports of dead on arrival and blue screen....s same for toshiba satellite so i am really confused as to which brand to buy when it comes to durability......please help

  133. Why don't you leave a name?
    Anyway, Most of the vendors give extended warranty for an extra charge. You can go for it.

    If it reaches you in damaged state or other such post purchase concerns can be rectified under warranty.

    The cases you mentioned must be one off cases-thousands of units are sold daily. Not fair to generalize entire brand.

    Consider Dell or Acer. But again, no one can promise they never give trouble.

    Be sure to take good care of the system-physically as well as the kind of software loaded etc...

    Hope this helps.

  134. Dear Shrinidhi,
    I need a laptop with the following config: -
    - Core2Duo Processor with at least 2Ghz. (T6400/6500).
    - At least 3GB RAM
    - 320 GB Hard disk.
    - Big screen at least 15'.
    - Decent webcam of 1.3MP (not VGA)
    - I want to install XP on the system, since i am not comfortable with Vista at all. So i decided to go for a DOS laptop and do an XP installation on it separately.

    My basic requirements from the laptop are MS Office, outlook, movies, songs, messengers. Absolutely no gaming at all. But need speed with using heavy outlook mails.

    Taking all this in account, I have short-listed 3 laptops: -

    - Lenovo G450
    - Compaq 610
    - Acer Aspire 5738z

    I thought of Dell, but read a lot of negative reviews about Dell machines heating up very fast and online service being very poor.

    Please share your opinions on these 3 laptop models and also if there is a Dell model I should be looking at. My budget for the laptop is 40-45k.

    Also please advise if going with a DOS system and installing XP OS on my own would be the right way to go. I am fairly comfortable with the technicalities. Also, please suggest if it would make more sense to buy XP Home basic or XP Professional.

    Thanks and really grateful for your feedback.

  135. Acer one looks good. Local vendors will arrange for OS-XP professional is better-though legal versions may not be available.

    Dell has good models in 45k range but they may not sell naked laptops (i.e. one without OS)-As far as I can see they have only Vista variants as option.

    Hope this helps

  136. I think not so robust compared to Dell and Sony.

  137. Hi..
    I need a laptop basically for study purpose.
    Mainly surfing, downloading e book and taking online tests. My budget is around 35-40k. Please suggest which company laptop will be good.
    Hp or Dell or Acer? Also wat is the difference between dell inspiron and studio? Only the body quality?

  138. Dell appears to be very expensive at present due to high taxes and shipping charges etc. Acer and Lenovo Core 2 Duo models will come within your budget-go for either of them.

  139. Hi Shrinidhi, plz suggest me a good laptop for atleast 4-5 yrs in 40-45k…

    Required for : entertainment, engg. Softwares, gaming nd a gud battery life.

    I hav looked for Dell Studio at 46k which provides 4GB RAM,320GB HDD,512MB ATI Readon graphics card….
    I hav also looked for HP at 47k which provides 4GB RAM,320GB HDD,512MB NVDIA GeForce graphic card…

    I m looking for better service networks. Suggest me which is better from above or suggest some decent laptop of other brands ??

    Which is btr- 512MB ATI Readon or 512MB NVDIA ??

    Will it b better if I spend 7k extra for blu-ray or it cud be installed afterwords ??

  140. Blu-ray would take at least 2-3 years to become as common as today's DVD. I don't see a point going for that now.

    NVIDIA is far more popular, but ATI is equally good.

    Of the two I'm inclined towards DELL, but not sure if 46k you quoted is final price after tax, delivery charges etc. Try negotiating a bit

  141. Hi ! Yr blog is really helpful. Pls advise me : I want to buy a laptop for personal usage( MS office), reading e books, downloading movies, videos, surfing, files storage(ms word, excel, ppt etc) . Also where i can download softwares and remove them as well. Good conf. which i can use for 5 yrs+ . I maintain my laptop well. I was looking at DELL. But i want to know regarding the Vista option. I think XP is the best. Does DELL provide XP too? And i travel a lot. Im looking for a portable , good battery, not heavy weight lappy. Which one should i go for? Please suggest.

  142. Budget beween 40-50k. Storage for pdf files too !

  143. Vandana,
    Dell might soon start shipping units with Windows7, which is having so far positive reviews compared to vista. If you're particular about Dell and XP, one, you can ask Dell rep (after registering your order, before payment) for XP and see if that is possible or two, buy Dell from a retail shop and ask them to give it with XP.

    You may also wish to compare netbooks- which are cheaper, come with XP, lightweight and highly portable. But on the downside you'll have a very small screen, poor processor, no DVD drive and such limitations.

    MS Office and file storage are generic expectations and can be had in any laptop

  144. A game for all laptop lovers a chance to win Sony Laptops by bidding for it only at

  145. Hi nidhi..ur blog is a saviour for technology handicapped people like me...well i was wondering if u could help me get over the confusion of going in for Dell studio 15 or HP dv4 1415TU..i need the lappy for just internet browsing,movies,music...not too much gaming..i just cant choose between the budget is around 42K..

  146. Dell Studio is better. But before buying compare the final price on website (after all taxes) and price in a shop. I am not sure which one will work out cheaper.

  147. Hi Nidhi,
    I plan to buy a laptop for personal use - won't be doing any high end computing but I would like to have one with decent enough performance. My budget is 50K.

    I saw a Sony VAIO VPC-CW15 (Intel Core2 Duo T66002.2GHz, Win7 Home premium, 3GB DDR3 SDRAM, 320GB HDD) for about 48K and a similar configuration HP (forgot the model no, but all features above are same) for about 44K.

    Which one would you advise to go for?

    Thanks for your time and regards,

  148. Of the two I'd recommend Sony, for better resale value, build quality and peer recognition.

    but HP model is likely to have more fancy features like remote control,lightscribe, so on.. Does these models have a graphics card? take a call based on these factors

  149. Hi Nidhi.. thanks for the reply. I ended up picking the HP as they gave a sweetened deal and some fancy features like the one u said.

    Thanks for your time and regards,

  150. Oh.. and forgot to mention... got it for 42K.. thats a good 6K less.

  151. Hi Shrinidhi'
    Can you tell me about Acer 5738g laptop. Its pros and cons and i want to know about the availability of service centers. Finally if you compare it with studio 15 which is better? Also pls tell me a gud laptop for the range 45k-50k.

  152. I need a review about acer 5738g. I am torn between this one and dell studio 15. I dont play games so graphics card should not be a problem. But I watch lots of movies and I also run heavy softwares like MatLab for academic purposes. so pls tell me your opinion. From what I have learned from web is that there is not good opinion abt dell service centers. How abt Acer? Since when it comes to Laptops everyone is going for Hp or Dell I couldnt find much info abt Acer. Pls shed some light on this.

  153. Dell units are now sold in showrooms and shops and these shopkeepers will help with most of the common problems. however Dell's support will be different from others.

    Acer is good and will be cheaper and is getting popular in recent days. Lots of models are out now giving more options than earlier. Service network is less compared to HP but is adequate.

    Check out both Dell and Acer-if you like the Acer unit go for it. don't see any reason to hesitate.

  154. Hello Shrinidhi, your blog seems to be quite informative. Compliments for that.

    To begin with, I am a Doctor and a novice as far as detailed computer specifications are concerned. I am looking for a laptop under 40K. My requirement is MS Office, internet browsing and occasional photo editing (adobe photoshop). Which one would you suggest. I feel Dell inspiron 1545 is good for the simple fact that lot many of my colleagues have it.

    Does it make sense to buy laptops at Singapore or Dubai. Is the price difference too much ?

    Best wishes.

    Dr. Raju.

  155. Dr Raju,
    The applications you've mentioned- MS Office, internet explorer and Photoshop will run on almost any laptop-so you dont have to worry. But then-legal version of MS office costs Rs 3000 onwards (student & home versions, after discounts). Assuming you'll go for genuine version you may have to divert small amount from your budget to softwares.

    Dell Inspiron is good and will come well within your budget. Go for it without any hesitation.
    You may also wish to consider various models of Lenovo and Acer in about 30-35k

  156. Thanks Shrinidhi you have understood my requirement and advised my appropriately.

    Does it make sense to get Dell 1545 laptop from Singapore or Dubai? Any idea how much would be the difference in terms of cost.


    Dr. Raju.

  157. I wont be able to help you with that as I am not aware of the pricing in Singapore and Dubai. You can check for yourself and if difference is substantial, go for it.

    But also be aware of warranty terms: for non business customers international warranty may not be avaiable- cross check to be doubly sure

  158. Hi Shri,
    I am an architect and interior designer, planning to buy a laptop for official as well as personal use.
    I will be using it majorly for Cad Drawings, sketchup, 3dsoftwares ,music and ppt presentations. I might use it occassionaly for watching movies. I want it to be hardy, long-lasting and a bit lighter because i am mostly travelling, also with good battery life. People have been suggesting Mac, Dell and Hp, I have visited all major electronic stores which have these products for gr8 prices and good configurations too, i am quite confused. Please help.
    Note:My budget is from 30k to 55k.
    I had bought a compaq with and AMD processor 2 yrs back for 36k whose motherboard got burnt in the 2nd year, even the processor failed, since than i have this hidden fear about ending up with a similar fate for any laptop. But a laptop is very integral part of my work, so can't do without one. So please help me find the right one.

  159. Ayesha,
    30k-55k is a wide range.
    Dell XPS used to be a very rugged piece earlier, but now it seems to have lost that advantage.

    You'll get a decent Sony Vaio at around 50k

    HP has some tablet PCs which you may like to consider (rotating touch screen ones, supposed to be useful for designers, but I find it more of a fancy feature than any practical advantages. Also the tablet ones are powered by AMD.

    I would say pick between a Dell Studio and Sony. Dell will come with a ATI graphics card for your budget

    Hope this helps

  160. hey thanks for the advice...
    wish u a happy new year

  161. You're welcome. New year wishes to you too

  162. i am planning for a laptop very soon.i have 2 options in my mind dell inspiron 1525 and sony vaio.
    please enlighten me which one will prove better for long term and in terms of memory n sound clarity

  163. I'd prefer Sony, if your usage is typical..

    If you wish to customize a bit and try to save money where possible, go for Dell

  164. Hi Shri,
    Going thru yr post i thought u wud b the best person to suggest me a laptop within 30k.i travel a lot, so want to be connected. should also be multi media friendly to play movies games and songs. good battery. thanks.

  165. Hi nidhi
    I have almost Fininalized on a lenovo x201. but i am apprehensive about their aftersale, have heard lots of stories about absence of it in lenovo. also had a bad experience some time back but have a very fine experience with both HP and dell, really smooth.can u confirm if lenovo has improved or is exactly as bad?

    Manu Gupta

  166. Manu,

    Its all relative and very difficult to declare in absolute terms. It would vary from city to city, time to time or even on a case to case basis and other factors like your expectations from service centre and their ability to meet it.

    Usually everyone complains when they get bad service and we seldom appreciate good ones. So there're negative feedbacks against Dell, HP as well. No one can assure 100% peace of mind. Its little luck and little preparedness how we handle the situations.

    My opinion is, do not worry about service beyond a limit. Lenovo has a decent network. Go ahead with the laptop of your choice.

    Hope this helps

  167. Dell Support is the most pathetic... first you will never get connected to any of their executive and if at all you are lucky, you can never get your solution because they will never ask what is the problem they have their own questins.....

    What crap is this.. I don't know what I am going to do with my Dell XPS Laptop now

    Rajesh Trilokhria

  168. hi,
    you have provided good comparisions. i wud also like to have some piece of info..
    i m in in final and i m also looking for a laptop in range 40-45k. i made my mind for hp dv4-2126 since i needed graphic graphics card which was present in it( 512mb).
    But now i came to know that sony is also offering same configuration in nearly same price. so which one would be better in terms of durability and looks also.

  169. Anon, Sony is better of the two


    Dell has physical shops n service centres now. take there n try

  170. but hp has extra features like fingerprint reader, remote etc. r they useful.
    and hp has altec lansing speakers so i m not sure but i heard sound of both hp and sony and i found hp sound better. plzz help me to judge.

  171. Ultimately its your call- What do you want primarily? Lots of fancy features to impress friends? (you won't be using many of them) or good resale value (if you plan to sell soon) etc.

    If you ask me I'd advise not to spend 45 k on a laptop now. Buy one in 30k range, if your usage is basic. After 2 years anyway you'll get bored with existing one and feel the need for a new, latest one.

  172. hey your blog design is very nice, clean and fresh and with updated content, make people feel peace and I always enjoy browsing your site.

    - Mark

  173. HEY!
    please guide me to buy laptop of range under 30k- 35k for business work .....generally i do MS office ,downloading,music....i want lappy wid gud battery life, clarity ,portabale n reliability of hardware....n if u can specify the configuration(like basic need for lappy) confused btw i3 and i5.....
    n one more info i want ...does the size of screen affect life of system
    i like dell...but confused.

    take care

  174. Richie,

    Size of the screen doesn't affect life of a system but does add to bulkiness, weight, battery life and handling convenience. If you travel a lot, opt for a smaller one.

    i3 should be fine for your requirements.

    if you like Dell, Dell™ Inspiron 15R Laptop (new one with i3 processor) at its basic configuration is well within your budget and serves basic needs

  175. thanks for this nice post 111213

  176. hey guy's I hv a dell vostro 1400
    since from more than 3 yrs,
    its just working smooth.....
    I love it very much
    the service from dell is quiet excellent, my frnd has a dell inspiron 1564 with complete cover
    there are just 40 days left for warrenty cover & it got seviour damage in an accident, we just call dell care & on next day they replaced all damaged parts incl. of LCD screen,DVD,Top cover, Base cover USB daughter bord incl of bazzel & key bord frame. all
    material are provided totally free of cost, They built up our PC just like a new one.
    Thnks to Dell... The Complete cover scheme is just excellent deal every one should go for it.


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