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Pizza Review: Domino’s Stuffed Crunch Pizza

July 2020 Update: Have removed links to dominos site as they don't work anymore.

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I’m no Pizza fan. I have never ever purchased one. I’ve tasted Pizzas couple of times and that’s it.

Recently got a free coupon to try Domino’s newly launched Stuffed Crunch Pizza and decided to check it out. Since I have no experience/expertise dealing with Pizza’s I took a friend named Sayak who had adequate experience in eating Pizzas along with. We went to the Domino’s store in Kasturbai Nagar (near Adyar, Chennai).
Sayak Roy Choudury eating pizza
Right: Sayak Roy Choudury * enjoying the cheesy stuffed crunch pizza…

I handed over the letter which entitled me for a free pizza to the shift manager of the store and took a seat. Pizza arrived promptly. What we ordered was Double Cheese Margherita, which had no vegetables inside. I ate two out of 6 six cuts (first time I had eaten a pizza few years ago at Gandhi Bazaar, Bangalore I'd almost vomited...Now've improved a lot and was able to enjoy the byte)while Sayak ate remaining four with joy.

I don’t want to write my experience of eating Pizzas for obvious reasons. I'm not comfortable eating them for dinner. May be I'd like them as a small and quick byte during snacks time-but for that pizza companies will have to launch pizzas in very small sizes-Not sure about technical and commercial viability of it.

Did a quick interview of Sayak about his experience of eating that Pizza, which went on as below:

Me: How was the Pizza?

Sayak: It is very good. I liked it.

Me: How is this particular pizza different from other pizzas you have eaten?

Sayak: Well: Generally pizzas will have a common base with wide range of items used on it as toppings. It’s the toppings that make all the difference in taste, otherwise all are same. In this stuffed crunch pizza contents are stuffed between a soft base and a crunchy top layer. That’s the difference.
Domino's Stuffed Cruch Pizza
Me: So is Dominos is only place where you get this kind of pizza?

Sayak: Pizza Hut had a variant which had stuffed contents in the periphery. Other than that this new idea is unique.

Me: Today’s treat was free. If you had to buy on your own will you buy stuffed crunch pizza or some other one?

Sayak: I’ll buy this.

Arshad varsi promoting Domino's Stuffed crunch pizza
Domino’s official description of Stuffed Crunch Pizza: “Domino's stuffed crunch pizza has select toppings and cheese stuffed between a soft classic hand tossed pizza base and a thin crunchy tortilla layer to give a new taste experience. It is available in six set combinations comprising of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options”

Cost: Double Cheese Marghetta and Farmhouse: Rs. 210

Mexical Green wave and Veg delight: Rs. 235, Mexical Red wave and Non-veg delight: Rs. 260.

Available in medium size only. (not sure why)

Disclaimer: eNidhi India doesn’t endorse any pizza brands and recommends traditional Indian food to its readers. Above post is for informative and entertainment purpose only. Pricing and other deals/information mentioned in the post might change w.r.t time and other factors.

*Name may not be real


  1. Have tasted Pizzas @ office when i was doing nightouts n didnt quiet like it. I prefer Indian food always. Preferrably South Indian.

  2. Nidhi - I simply love Domino's Pizza. Intially they used to focus on only delivery and the pizzas were good. Now the pizzas have become great. They have launched so many new pizzas and they keep doing it continuosly. Just as i feel that i dont want to have pizza, they launch a new one and i am forced to try it :-) even i liked the stuffed crunch pizza very much, i also liked the Calzone and the Cheese Burst Pizza. Can you also help me get the free discount coupon please !!

  3. WOW ! I loved this Pizza too. Saw the Arshad Warsi ad and tried it. I love the crunchy top, which is unique in a Pizza. Nice to see that you are writing about new and interesting things all the time.

  4. Hey what a coincidence - we had this pizza in the office last week and today we plan to have it at home ! I live in New BEL road in Bangalore and Domino's has just opened there...i loved this pizza too. Nice post Nidhi.

  5. I saw the ad and was thinking that this would be a different pizza from what I have had before, now that you have written about it in detail, I will surely check it out - can you pass on a few free coupons here also ?

  6. So many comments, back to back, from same IP address... I'm sensing something fishy..

    Anyway giving benefit of doubt, thanks to all of you for your comments.

    Sandesh: I'm with you.

  7. This new pizza is awesome!I had called in to order for my fav Mexican green wave as usual but the person on the phone told me to try my fav pizza in a new form...and voila! wat a taste!!
    I esp. enjoyed the crunch.Feel like digging into one as i think about it..ummm..ummm..:)Great to meet like minded ppl.

    discounts on this would be an icing on the anyone listening?

  8. I used to eat lots of Pizzas... In my 11 months Chennai stay, Sunday dinner would have been Pizzas @ PizzaHut only.. Din't like pizzas @ Pizza corner n' Dominos looked sad with self service system and poor abience..
    Did not have a chance to eat Pizzas in BLR as I stay with my parents.. Would like to try the new Domino stuffed one soon... after reading so many comments..


  9. Good review Nidhi. I've been hogging on Pizzas ever since I've been to Chennai, and would be nice to try this one out. Btw, I've yet to try it.

  10. It's decent, nothing special. I tried it out. I prefer the ordinary pizzas
    where I can choose the toppings myself.

  11. Shilpi, Jojo, Arun and Hari,

    Thanks for sharing your views about the pizza...

  12. Hi Nidhi

    Nice detailed post. I liked the fact that since you are not an expert on Pizzas yourself, you used the views of some one who is a regular to construct the post. Thats the right way to do it I guess. Glad that you liked the Pizza as well

  13. Dev,

    Thanks for the comment. Any opinions why pizzas cant be introduced in small sizes as snacks?

  14. NIdhi - Good Question - Pizzas can be introduced as snacks. There is no problem in operations or product design with that. It is a question of strategic choice that a brand needs to make. It is difficult for a food product to be positioned as both a snack and a meal. Hence its a matter of choice really for Brands. Most consumers associate a food type with one occassion (meal occassion or snack occassion) and never with two. For e.g Rice and Smabar has a strong asociation with Meals while Samosa has the same with Snack time. It the same in the food services business. Pizza comapnies are trying to associate the Pizza with meals and hence snack size pizzas is still not a strong option. However, there are snack options like the Domino's Calzone and Domino's Garlic Bread - ( - which are good snack options. Some consumers however, find a way around this, they use Pizza as a snack too - mostly they would order a 7 inch Domino's regular Pizza and two people would share it and so on.

  15. Dev, Thanks for providing that clarificatio. I do agree.

  16. well i dont like the dominoes pizza as i think its too bland~~~i like the tandoori pizza of pizza hut~~~P hut is a better joint than dominoes ~~~~dominoes onli focusses on delivery not on the taste ~~~i heared MCDONALDS is also launchin it pizza~~

  17. Rambhai,

    I do not know for sure-few of my friends prefer Pizza Hut as well compared to Dominos. I am neutral on this.

    Thanks for that info on McDonalds.

  18. is very informative. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading every day.

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  26. I loved your blog. Thank you.

  27. I saw something about this topic on TV last night. Good post.


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