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Used Bajaj Pulsar 2005 For Sale Bangalore

Update: This bike has now been sold and is not available anymore
My friend N R Bhat will be leaving for US next month for higher studies and wishes to sell his bike.


Bajaj Pulsar 150cc, 2005 model, Black Colour
Price: Rs 48,000/- negotiable! (He's calculated 20% depreciation for 2 years-I think bikes depreciate much faster...)
Bike's in good condition. Used only for office commutation.
Has run 21000KMs.
Mileage 50Km/ltr.
Purchased in August 2005.
Approx date of handing over: 25th December.

Interested parties can mail him at nrbhat2005 at gmail dot com

Unsafe Harbor: Free service by eNidhi India. Buyers and sellers are requested to satisfy themselves about the deal. eNidhi India is not involved in this deal in any capacity.

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