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Stock Market Trading TIPS

Sharing few observations related to Dalal Street. If this topic doesn't interest you you may wish to check my October Archive here.

GECAP: SELL: If you'd entered this stock at 100-120 Rs range, may be it is time to sell and book some profit.

TAJGVK: BUY: Target: 200+ (Regular monitoring will be required-Keep watching and Sell above 200)

ASHOKLEYLAND : SELL/WATCH: Sell if you're still holding, watch and buy again when prices reach 42 or below.

SATYAM COMP:BUY: The stock is trading at all time low. Has strong support at 400. Consider buying for long term gains. Resistance at 460. Do not expect immediate returns but expect a target of 500-520 in 4-6 months time.

NIIT TECH: BUY: Buy below 234, Target 250, short term.

Unsafe Harbor: All suggestions are forward looking statements made by the author based on his personal analysis and interpretation at the time of composing this post. Author provides no assurance what so ever w.r.t. accuracy of the predictions. Usage of these tips are to be done at the sole risk, judgment and discretion of the investor.


  1. you give market tips also~~~why dont you provide a write up on sub prime crisis~~

  2. Just gave the tips as I felt it might be useful to some readers.

    Most of my recommendations have met Target-GECAP is now below 120 level and is time to BUY.

    TAJGVK and NIIT TECH did reach their set targets early this month.

    Satyam reached 460 but now down to 52 week low of 386. I still maintain BUY on it.

    AshokLeyland has been fluctuating within 46-53 range without much volatality.

  3. Regarding Subprime crisis I'll see what I can do.


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