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Feb Random pictures (photos removed)

Some really random pictures, clicked in recent past:
VIP Car: Looks like this car belongs to a person who was entitled to display his special status, but now had to black it out. However, in my opinion, the board used to display special status shouldn’t block the view of number plate, which is not the considered in most of the VIP vehicles. (Also read: Fancy Number plates)

Mahabs has a ball shaped rock, balancing itself on another rock. This rock is rightfully names Sri Krishna’s butter ball. Next to this ball rock is a small vertical line, which is very very smooth and used by kids as a slide. I’d some how missed noticing this during my previous visits to Mahabalipuram
I enjoy driving- but certainly not this one. The small cleaning cart being used near Marina beach. Driver has to drive it round and round and round in small circles to cover a small area… But then, this is much safer, compared to another 4 wheeler which met with a visibly fatal accident on ECR.

How to evacuate a restaurant and find yourself a place?
We were at the Rasam Restaurant on RK Salai (above Nilgiris, run by Sri Krishna Sweets group) and they’d commissioned 2 artists (a tabla man and a harmonium player) to entertain the guests. On seeing the harmonium I was tempted to play and we promptly requested hotel staff if I can play the harmonium for a while. After a while they permitted and I happily played Ra ra venu gopa bala for a while and few other tunes. The musicians were surprised and tried to encourage me by giving advise and all, but I couldn’t quite get what they were talking about, due to language problem.
The magnitude of Loss of revenue to the restaurant, due to customers escaping during my performance is not yet known. Also read: Random thoughts on Music


  1. Ra Ra Venugopabala tune by you in Rasam Restaurant! It made me to rememebr of my days of learning Carnatik music, which I practiced (vocal) for six months!

  2. hahaha...nice..played music..hope they not sue you for loss of revenue or sabotage....

  3. Nidhi, the rasam restaurent owner is on the hunt for you! :)

  4. looks like you were able to play harmonium with fast fingers ;) When is the next concert? Any free tickets for us?

  5. Shashi

    Good to know...


    me too hope so...

    You can give him my address...

    Yes, I can play reasonably fast, but for just a few songs/tunes that I am familiar with.

    Free ticket for you for sure...

    I understand that only last photo has managed to generate some interest while others were not really interesting. Sorry abt that.

  6. ONLY Last photo managed to generate comments and sorry about it? I think it is not so - other photos are also interesting ; the Krishna's butter ball and the small four wheeler - only that no body bothered to comment, yet. The round rock balancing act is also available in a place near Karkala and in many other places. Such balancing act draws everybodys attn. The four wheeler is similar to automated trolly running on Railway station carridors!

  7. ice post with wonderful snaps. That definitely not the right place to display th VIP status.

    Save our Tigers

  8. You made customers run? No I doubt it, given the encouragement by the musicians! Good to hear that.

  9. You play harmonium too! Multi-talented!!

  10. Shashi,

    Thanks for being supportive


    Yes. Appreciate your save our tigers post

    Actually no one ran away...I am not that bad either...

    No, I can play just a few songs that I know well... not more than that

    Thanks all


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