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Photos of Singapore Underwater World

Sharing some more photos from Partho’s Singapore trip-Close photos of some interesting aqua creatures at Singapore Underwater World. Click for enlarged images. Slight compromise in clarity, if any is because it is dark and subjects are in water, behind glass shields.

Garden Eels…I’m seeing them for the first time (not sure if I’ve mistook it for some plants earlier)

Singapore’s Underwater world has implemented world’s first Oceanarium (Ocean+aquarium) RFID system. Whenever an aquatic animal comes within the RFID range, the device detects it and sends signal to reader, which interprets the signal and displays information relevant to the animal on the touch screen. This way visitor gets to read about the information related to the animal which is in front of him.
Sting Ray.. the deadly species which killed Steve Irwin

Jelly fishes are eye catching…

These 2 are a bit scary…

All images clicked and owned by Partho. Published with permission.

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  1. The second picture that has jelly fish (??) like pink thing looks so neat!

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  3. Great pics! Such a calm creature went on to kill steve... nature after all. Nice collection Shri.

  4. A very good initiative. This will help in knowing and understanding what we are seeing rather than just watching it...

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