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Upcoming Events and contests (Feb 2010)

This post shares information about some of the events and contests scheduled to happen in near future. Quick Jump: Marg My Dream Home contest * Vignettes of Coorg trip * Article-19 * Trek Polama? * Cerebrate * Bangalore Kingfisher bloggers meet * Call-n-win* Jayanti Sundararaman Dance performance
1.Marg My Dream Home Contest
Marg Properties has launched a contest: "My Dream Home in Chennai", targeting online community. If you're a blogger or an active twitter/facebook user you can participate, writing about your dream home and win cash prizes of Rs 5000/3000/2000

Contest is open for 3 weeks, focused on Chennai but open for all.

2 Cerebrate.in at Marg Tapovan, ECR, From Feb 25th to 28th
Cerebrate.in is Kiruba Shankar’s pet project and is being organized for the 3rd consecutive year, this time at Marg Tapovan off East Coast Road, from Feb 25th to 28th. I might just render a hand in organizing this year's edition. Cerebrate is an invite only event where key achievers from various fields meet and brainstorm. List of invitees and participants is interesting and includes former Wipro No.2 Vivek Paul (if you didn’t know, he is now board member of EA-Electronic Arts, the company which makes most of the games), Future Group Chief Belief Office Dr Devdutt Pattnaik and many more

Post event update: Devdutt Pattnaik and Vivek Paul dropped out, but event went on very well and was a memorable experience spending 3 days with some of the silent achievers. Read more

The outcome of these sessions are not known (may be not released to public yet, I’m told plans are underway to publish them as a book) but the event has been very successful so far, with Cerebrate Silicon Valley being planned for July 2010.

3. Travelwise Vignettes of Coorg trip, Feb 27-28, ex-Bangalore
Arun Bhat and Lakshmi Sharath are organizing a Vignettes of Coorg (Kodagu) trip on 27th and 28th Feb 2010

Their trips are unique from typical commercial trips due to the personal interest, knowledge and passion of these two organizers. Below brochure has more details:The duo have successfully done Hoysala trail trips earlier. More details on travelwise.in

From Wikipedia: In theater script and poetry writing, vignettes are short, impressionistic scenes that focus on one moment or give a trenchant impression about a (topic/subject)…

Also read some of my Coorg posts: Chiklihole Dam * Chelavara waterfalls * Sera Jey University * Abbi Falls * Omkareshwara Temple Madikeri *

4. Manipal Institute of Communication’s Article 19, Feb 25-27, Manipal
I’ve attended last 2 editions (2008 and 2009) of MIC’s annual communication festival and they were wonderful. 3 day event is action packed with talks, workshops, contests, exhibitions and performances, managed entirely by students in a very professional manner. This year’s event is scheduled for Feb 25th to 27th. I’ve submitted my synopsis for a paper presentation & awaiting confirmation, but may not be able to make it to this year's edition as the dates are clashing with Cerebrate.in

I’m unable to identify official site for this event. mmsc-manipal.com appears to be inactive. Bijlee bola and The Manipal Journal (TMJ) are having some info on the event.

Post event update: As suspected I couldn't attend. Couldn't find much updates about this event on the net.

5. Trek Polama?-Trekking Exhibition & workshops-March 6th, Periyar Hall, Anna Nagar Chennai
The Chennai Trekkers Club (CTC) is organizing a one day event called Trek Polama (Tamil For: shall we go for a trek) on March 6th 2010, at Periyar Hall, Anna Nagar. One day event will be action packed with workshops, presentations and Q&A sessions about various aspects of trekking-such as GPS Navigation,camping, snakes,first aid, Hams radio and so on, organized by CTC’s founder and core team. Venue will be converted into a forest like theme, giving ambience of a real trekking environment.

Post event update: I went to Trek Polama- the photo exhibition was nice, talks were a bit boring as I'd attended similar sessions earlier...Wildcraft, Sigmalenses and few other companies had their stalls outside. I left by 6 pm when Mayor of Chennai and other politicians were expected as I'd other work and was not interested in political talks. Collected my Trek Polama T shirt, sponsored by Christian Fabre (incidently I happened to meet Christian R Fabre at Cerebrate)

6. Kingfisher Bangalore Bloggers’ Meet, namma Bengaluru, Feb 21
Kingfisher is sponsoring Indiblogger meet at Bangalore this Sunday…Only 100 entries…Bangalore, Bloggers, Bar, Beer I see lot of Bs around. Can you try making a sentence like “She sells sea shells on the sea shore”? Something like "Bangalore big boys and bloggers meet at a big bar sipping kingfisher beer".. 

7. Callezee Call-n-Win Contest
Callezee is a recently launched yellow pages and information services company. They’ve struck a partnership with internet major Yahoo. Callezee is already operational in several Indian Cities, offering information related to products, services and so on. They are currently running a contest called Call and Win, where in if you’re a lucky caller you might just win some cool prizes. [Related: Call-ezee Gurusamarpanam Event]

8. Dance performance by Jayanti Sundararaman, Feb 21st, Mylapore
Jayanti Sundararaman works for a leading IT Company but pursues Bharatanatyam Dancing as a hobby. She is performing this Sunday at RK Swamy Auditorium, Mylapore, Chennai at 7.30pm. Entry is free. 

Disclaimer: For information purposes only. All information as provided by/as available with respective event organizers. Information are subject to change without prior notice.


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  2. Disclaimer is the best part along with truck load of info in one post! Well Indiblogger meet just increased the capacity from 100 to 150 seats.. even that is filled by now I suppose :)

  3. hehe..

    I didn't have too much to write and didn't want to make a separate post for each of these, hence made one post with all updates...

    Thanks for the update on Indibloggers meet- you're attending? Bloggers in other cities must be jealous of their Bangalore counterparts...

  4. Quite a few events. Which one(s) are you attending?

  5. Jyoti,
    You're welcome

    Not yet sure...Trek Polama and cerebrate are likely...

  6. Your blog would have been wonderful gift if I were still living in Bangalore.. anyway it made an interesting reading.

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