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Mysore airport Kingfisher commercial service launch

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

I’m in Mysore currently on an invitation from event management company that is taking care of Mysore airport launch and commencement of Kingfisher airlines Mysore-Bengaluru-Chennai service. Journey was pleasant, while I was warned to be extra cautious due to the Ayodhya Verdict.

Neatly drawn Kingfisher Rangoli was what caught my attention in the airport. Click on the images for better view

Mysore airport was operational earlier but only for chartered flights and VVIP aircrafts. From today, 1st of October, the airport will open to commercial passengers, with Kingfisher airlines starting its Mysore-Bengaluru-Chennai service. I just came back to my hotel room after a quick visit to the airport, where preparations are in progress for tomorrow’s launch event. Here’re some initial photos, taken at about 3AM, along with some initial comments/observations about the airport

The airport is very small, with just one security gate, one arrival gate, one baggage belt and about 4-5 check-in counters. (2 counters taken by Kingfisher, 3 more free for other airlines) The building doesn’t appear to be scalable, if more and more passengers chose to air travel and more airlines wish to operate from Mysore. Constructing a new terminal will be the only way. There were no security staff deployed yet, guess they’ll takeover from morning.

Left: A photo of giant boarding passes, to be given to first few passengers tomorrow during the function. Mysore airport is located at about 10 kms away from Mysore town, on the Nanjanagudu road. There’re lots of AC volvo buses plying between Mysore town and Nanjanagudu. May be these buses can be made to stop at airport.

Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yadiyurappa and Kingfisher Airlines owner Dr Vijay Mallya are scheduled to arrive from Bangalore in the inaugural flight tomorrow. A press meet, addressing some dalits outside the airport and return flight carrying passengers from Mysuru are on the agenda for today’s program. With Dasara round the corner, the timing has been just perfect.

Do standby as I bring you more updates

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  1. mysore is a place I have wanted to go to, since a long time, but I still havent been able to. But what I loved about your pics were the rangolis! absolutely awesome!!!!

  2. actually, its a printout surrounded by Rangoli... realized it later


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