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Sera Jey Monastic University, Bylukuppe, Coorg

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Sera Je is the 2nd Tibetan temple in Bylukuppe, Coorg. Its in fact an education facility than spiritual centre.

Majority of those who visit the golden temple in Bylukuppe, Coorg usually return after exploring the first temple (Golden Temple). About 4 kms from the main Golden temple, there lies an another interesting place, called Sara Jey, which is a calm and peaceful place, due to absence of tourist crowd.

Recalling some internet literature which mentioned the presence of Sera Jay and armed with directions given by locals, we drove to this temple after visiting the golden temple.

The doors were closed, but we peaked through a small entrance and requested monks inside if we can come in. They opened the main entrance and we stepped in. I’d thought it to be a temple, but this is more of a study centre or meditation place, with rows and rows of what looked like a bed laid in parallel. MY assumption is that students sit on it and study/meditate. The signboard outside the campus reads “Sera Jey Monastic University for Advanced Buddhist studies

Below are a few more photos of the second Buddhist campus premises in Bailukuppe, near Kushal Nagara

Some additional information about the Bylukuppe Tibetan centre

The facility was established in 1969-70 by a monk with land (1500 acres) and support extended by Mysore Maharaja. Approximately 20,000 Tibetans live in the campus, located about 87 km southwest of Mysore, which is the first and largest of the Tibetan settlements in India. Residents are self sustainable in terms of economics, though they receive support from outside. Monks do go out of campus for education and entertainment (I’m told lady monks have lots of restrictions imposed on them and are hardly seen outside the campus, while male monks are free to roam around on bikes, go to nearby cities for movie/studies etc)

On your next visit to Coorg, do plan to explore this as well.

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  1. Good to know, but not as attractive as the main golden temple

  2. After seeing your posts I feel that our one life is not enough to explore so many nice places in India itself.It surely can generate employment for so many people if they exploit tourist potential.

  3. I had seen the temple. Bit, I never knew about the University.

  4. The Tibetan monestry at Dharmashala is no match for Bylukuppe monestry, its too good & grand.

  5. Thanks All

    Anon, Agree

    Satish, true...

    Rajesh, well now you know...

    SRA Sir,
    I've not been to Dharashala.. Good to know your comment. There's another one in Karnataka in North Canara district

  6. have read about this place but dint visit during our trip last year....

    Nice.. keep sharing such hidden treasures you come across :)

  7. Aarti,

    Sure. I'll keep writing about places we explore

  8. Very good shots. I love these Buddhist monasteries. From what I heard, there are 6 monasteries in and around Bylakuppe.

    I've made multiple trips to Golden Temple and Sera Jey as well, the last in January this year. I should post more of their photographs on my blog from my archives. Have a nice day.

  9. Thanks for additional inputs. Do post your photographs and reviews. Will be nice


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