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Report: Kingfisher services take off from Mysore

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

The much awaited air connectivity to Mysore has materialized. Kingfisher commenced its services from Mysore today, providing air connectivity to several other Indian cities via Bangalore. Flying in Kingfisher to Mysore will be convenient for those planning to head out to Coorg, Ooty, Bandipur, Wayanad and other nearby places as well. As I happened to witness the events first hand, here're a few photos and information for you. [Read the previous post]

Actual program involving VVIPs lasted hardly about 45 mins, but lots of efforts worth several man days were put in. Airport started buzzing with activity from early morning hours. Kingfisher counter was first inaugurated by an official, Mr Satyanarayan and Mrs Nalini, who were the first passengers on Mysore-Bengaluru flight were greeted with an oversized boarding pass. We’re flying just for the experience of it, time and money wasn’t a consideration-Mrs Nalini told media. Few other passengers also expressed similar intentions, saying they’re flying purely to encourage the industry.

Cultural programs like DoLLu Kunita and few other forms of folk dance were organized, but none of the VIPs paid any attention to their work, they merely performed in loud noise whenever authorities gave signal, entertaining rest of the public. Outside a team of home guards and music band was waiting in sun to salute the chief minister.

11 AM onwards activities gathered momentum. Lots of local leaders were interacting with press people trying to build their image. Lots of people asked me which newspaper/channel I represent. I’d no big names to quote and those guys didn’t understand blog and internet medium,hence they moved on. Got a nice Kingfisher First pen, a black CD and a toy cricket bat in my press kit-(not sure of its relevance) People who’d bought tickets started arriving in, were treated with rose water, garlands, gifts etc. Security forces in various uniforms started taking positions and assuming command.

VVIPs arrived by about 1PM- the battalion included CM BSY, Vijay Mallya, Sidharamaiah, Reddy (not sure Karunakar or Janardhan) and passengers and officials. Upon arrival, they went outside the airport to attend some dalit gathering outside the airport in a shamiana. After that, they were supposed to come back and hold a press conference, but they chose to board the return flight directly instead, which was waiting for them and already delayed by more than 45 minutes.

VVIPs in my clicks: The press people were all over the airport to click photos of BS Yadiyurappa and Vijay Mallya, add to that their security staff, other officials and VIPs around them, getting a decent pic was a challenge. Managed to take a few decent shots from my camera, capturing UB group owner Vijay Mallya and Karnataka CM BS Yadiyurappa

Later, it was time for group photos: Kingfisher team and Brandworkx team below:

Was a nice experiencing observing the event from start to finish. Made an attempt to interview a few people, but all were either too busy or were not authorized to speak to media...

Update: Kingfisher has stopped its services to Mysore

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  1. So how about calling ourselves Bress instead of press ;) The power of media could be intoxicating at times.

    I felt bad when I read your lines about the DoLLu Kunita and folk dancers. It shows the sorry state of neglect of our cultural identities reduced to being a entertainment filler.

  2. Good idea.. similarly Blodia or Bledia people instead of media people?

    coming to Dollu kunita, I guess all VVIP events are like that


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