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5 topics I studied hard but never used

During school and college days, we have studied several subject deemed difficult. After spending sleepless nights understanding these subjects, we have managed to pass in corresponding subjects. What haunts me is that these things we studied are never ever applied in real life. Listing 10 such things here. Do read and share yours.

1.       Organic Chemistry- How benzene reacts with Chlorine and dozen other chemicals. My life wouldn’t have been any different if Benzene had refused to react with chlorine. A more useful topic would have been how managers and clients react when there’s a delay in project delivery.
2.       Differential Calculus – spent so much time understanding delta, theta and other components of differential calculus for nothing. I could learn more about life in few episodes of Prison Break serial
3.       Periodic Table – So many elements neatly assembled in periodic tables- don’t think I’ve touched more than a dozen of them by hand all my life. There’s lot of science behind why each element is placed where it is. But even if it was misplaced, do we care?
4.       Speed of light- What if it is little faster or slower than the designated 3 lakh kms per sec?
5.       Anatomy of a frog-ok, the frog has many ugly components inside and there’s a complex way these components work together. Never got to use this great knowledge. All the time I’m deep into how various software and hardware components work together to give an IT solution that will transform client’s business to new level.

I do not intend to make fun of these topics. But these are few of the topics we studied hard during school days to understand. We were evaluated against these knowledge- one who doesn’t understand the organic chemistry or differential calculus or anatomy is termed a poor student. Once out of college, unless you select a subject which uses them heavily, all these are never used again.

We study mechanical engineering, but rely on the mechanic boy at a roadside shop to fix our motorcycle. We study electronics, but can’t fix a simple equipment on our own.

On another thought, at that point of time we won’t know what share our career would take, so it may help to learn a bit of everything.

What do you think? What percentage of your school/college studies you’re applying in your daily life?


  1. Hi - first time commenting on your site. The differential calculus is what is used in Google maps to determine the distance. your delta, theta is the basis to find the distance between your home and the nearest store/location.

  2. I agree, but to use Google maps I don't have to know that

  3. In school, all were given opportunity to learn that. You choose to use the product...someone choose to create that product....using the same skills.

  4. All these are required for basic science, Research works, development and backend works of so many applications.

    But in India most of the jobs are non reseach oriented, people donot get opportunity to use that knowledge. :)

  5. hahahaha. loved it and i m sure i haven't used 10% in my entire life.

  6. I never tried that hard on these subjects.. hehehe


  7. Absolutely right. The amount of hours invested to gain this knowledge extinguishes over a period of time. I remember the trignometry, theorems, postulates and so on. Let alone that, even the ones that we have studied latest in the PG are seldom applied to in everyday life. I guess its jack of all trade & master of none.

  8. Murali: Ok. You've a point

    Vi ra he: Yes

    Deb: :)

    Ram: its never too late to learn :)

    Ravi: Yes.. we could have learnt more practical skills that are applicable in day to day life

  9. Traditional schools are worthless. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't even bother with college or bother with subjects such as calculating moles in chemistry or geometry proofs. What a waste of a precious life! Go out and have fun for God's sake!


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