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Cracker cases at Mahabs beach

We were at a resort near Mahabalipuram last week for a team outing. While walking around the campus, I found these...

These are apparently cases that housed cracker rockets, which would explode high up in the sky bursting into several colours.

They were of two sizes- a smaller sized one, more in number and a bigger sized one with fewer ones.
Surprisingly, I also found a live box- with caps sealed. Probably they were left on the beach for that night's use or were left unused the previous night.

Not sure how much these crackers cost. 20-25 thousand each box? About 100 units in above carton. If each one costs about 200 Rs, just a guess- whole box is worth about 20k. All for a few minutes of sparkle!

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  1. It is sad to note that the economic utility of the product is wasted. More than the fact of 20k being a treat to the eyes for hardly 600 seconds, the fact that these crackers throw a considerable amount of CO n other poisonous gases is a more serious threat, not sure what value tat damage is, to the ecosystem. I recall when on the Diwali of 2010, I had brought four of those, each costing 300 rupees. When lit it was really a diff kind of experience, enthralled with the fact that I too contributed in changing the colors in the sky. The moment was short lived n when evaluated the cost later, I realized I could spend that 1k elsewhere to seek various alternative areas of entertainment. Haing said that its also true that I have seen a reduction of burning crackers during Diwali in the past 2 years in my area alone, which I guess is the self realization of the larger masses that there are better ways to burn out one's hard earned money.

  2. Ravi: agree with your thoughts

    Joshi: thanks


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