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Mandharagiri (Basadi Betta) Tumkur photos

Regret sudden demise of Dr V S Acharya- a skilled doctor turned politician, who lived a clean life and was respected by friends and enemies alike. He had once commented on my blog

May his soul rest in peace.


Mandharagiri or Basadi betta is a nice little rock with a jain temple on top. Located off Bangalore-Tumkur highway, this place is less frequented by visitors, compared to Devarayana Durga or other places around Tumkur.

I first read about Mandaragiri in Prashanth's blog (2020 link not working, removed-search on and decided to visit it during a recent road trip.

What is there at Mandharagiri (Basadi betta), Tumkur?

Mandaragiri consists of a medium sized rock, with a Jain temple on top of it

The temple (Basadi) door was closed, so we couldn't go inside. It had heavily barbed wires on the outer wall
As we drove closer, the rock was visible from a distance and very inviting.

Little earlier to Basadi betta, a small memorial is being set up, with a statue of Chandraprabha theerthankara
 Above: a cow and tiger in harmony
Lake Maidala was visible from top of the rock. On the other side you can see Bangalore-Tumkur highway and railway track.
 Some art work on the rocks were interesting
Climbing all the way up and down was good exercise and time was well spent

How to reach Mandhara giri?
While driving towards Tumkur from Bengaluru, you need to take right turn some 10 kms before Tumkur. This right turn is couple of kms before the 3rd toll gate. A Kannada board exists to help you, else take help from locals.

Alternatively this place can also be reached while returning from Devarayana durga-but to take that road you'd need lot of help from locals.

Nearby: Sheebi Temple * Kaidala * Devarayana Durga * Madhugiri *


  1. Arnab

    This is not near madhugiri.. madhugiri is about 45 kms from Tumkur, while Mandharagiri is about 10 km max. Mandharagiri is very close to highway


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