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Starbucks coffee now in Chennai at Pheonix Market City

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Starbucks has launched its first store in Chennai, 50th in India this week. There was a soft launch on Tuesday evening for media & special invitees and the store was opened to customers on Wednesday.

Starbucks in India operates in partnership with Tata, who have huge coffee estates to supply key ingredient, coffee beans. India is one of the few countries where coffee beans are sourced locally.

Starbucks competes with the home grown Cafe Coffee Day, its international rival Costa Coffee, Barista and others in the premium coffeeshop market.

Below is the price list of various items at Chennai's Starbucks outlet in Phoenix Market City. Note that there'll be close to 20% tax on top of this amount and the mall charges a hefty parking fee if you're arriving in your own vehicle. Wednesday evening the coffee shop was doing brisk business and was almost full and overcrowded, clearly indicating that the Starbucks Chennai has made its connection with coffee enthusiasts and pricing isn't a deterrent.

Apart from selling coffee variants, store sells wide range of snacks, Coffee making machines (starting Rs 1700), Starbucks mugs (Rs 450) and Coffee powders under the brand India Estate Coffee or IEB. (250 grams IEB Coffee powder costs at about Rs 1200)

Starbucks Employees get to have their favorite coffee written on their name plate- like Mr Arbind, who likes Cafe Americano the most. In other restaurants, usually a token number is given when you order. In Starbucks, they ask for your name and write it on the cup. When the coffee is ready, your name is called out. Gives a lot of personal touch.
 This map showing important places in the world that grow coffee is interesting.
Store has a few seats inside and also a lounge outside. It is located right at the entrance of the mall, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

Tried a variety of coffees and snacks during the launch and it tasted great. Starbucks hasn't done much customization to appeal to traditional coffee consumers. 

Starbucks official website is but yet to be updated with Chennai store details. Hyderabad is reportedly the next city in line. I wish all the best to Starbucks.


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