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House of World Cultures, Berlin Germany

House of World Cultures, or "The Haus der Kulturen der Welt" was a nice building we stopped by during our Berlin city tour.

House of world culture is located in Tiergarden area, on the banks of the Canal, very close to freedom bell and Reichstag building.

We got off the bus (route number 100) and walked towards the House of World Cultures- it was empty and deserted- there were no programs happening.

At the front is a large bronze art work, known as "The large divided oval- Butterfly", created by an artist named Henry Moore [more about this sculpture]. This was his last art work and weights close to 9 tons and was loaned to Berlin in 1986, which the city eventually purchased for a hefty sum from Henry Moore foundation.

As we passed the bronze sculpture, we came across the uniquely shaped exhibition hall, used for art exhibitions and other theater activities. It was also called Congress Hall
 On the roof top, noticed some attempts to grow plants in bags.

Some seating arrangement outside
View from the House of World Cultures- that is Berlin TV Tower on the left and  Reichstag building on the right

If you take Berlin Canal tour, boats stop at House of World Culture for some time. There is a restaurant and washroom facility as well. After spending some time around, we moved on. 
 Flag posts!

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  1. This is a beautiful place, Great captures :)

  2. Fantastic place and nice information about German culture. The large bronze artwork is impressive. Can’t believe it weighs 9 tons. By the way, what is the significance of the shape of the artwork?


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