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What's coming up this week?

I am back in Chennai after spending the weekend in namma Bengaluru- highlights include driving a Honda City S, a friend's Amaze, Zoom's Merc A Class and Carzonrent's Fortuner.

Drove to Mysore in the Fortuner, to visit Chamundi hills, Talakadu, Bharachukki and Melukote. So lots of posts lined up around these cars and places this week. Below are a few sample pictures.

A Class from Zoom, clicked by Ravi
 Honda City S
 Fortuner on the edge of the cliff at Melukote...



  1. Nice!
    looking forward to the posts.

  2. Thanks. A Class photoshoot is available here http://www.enidhi.net/2014/07/zoomcar-mercedes-benz-class-photoshoot.html


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