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2 Door cars in Europe

Two door cars are very hard to find in India- particularly in the budget segment, it is impossible. Maruti had tried launching Zen Carbon and Steel, 2 door versions of Zen small car 10 years ago but that didn't take off and Maruti never tried again. VW Beetle, Fiat 500, Audi A3 Cabriolet, Merc SLK are a very 3 door cars available in India, but with their price range being upwards of 20 lakhs, the numbers are very few.

May be we feel 2 door car is not a status symbol. After paying so many lakhs, why not get proper 4 door one? Even Nano had to be built with 4 doors.

But in Europe and other countries, 2 door cars are very popular. Almost every manufacturer has on offer different kinds of 2 door cars. Having two less door means much less moving components and probably some savings in materials, so it is cheaper and easier for car manufacturers to roll out a two door car compared to its 4 door counterpart. Not just on the premium side, even budget cars are available in 2 door variant. (Popular small cars in India- Swift, i20, Polo etc are also available in 2 door configuration abroad).

I clicked several nice 2 door small cars here in Copenhagen during my way to work and back. Take a look and tell me what you feel. Would you buy them if launched in India? Do you think they are cute?

Few of them have a row of seats in the back, accessible by folding front row seats. But majority are proper 2 seat 2 door cars.
Toyota IQ
Ford Fiesta 2 Door
Mazda RX 8
 Citroen DS3
Opel Adam 
 VW Up 2 door and another 2 door car, EOS
 The premium ones: BMW
Mini.. Mini is now made available also in 4 doors, due to demand I guess
  VW Beetle
A vintage 2 door car
 What do you think of these cars? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Interesting but I have never been in a 2 door car, its always been four door. When I was a kid Maruthi I think had a car that looked like a van with sliding doors. Two door cars will be good too... but most of us want back space too with seats etc.

  2. Beetle looks cute. Mini looks good. Will i buy a 2 door car if available in budget? Probably no :)

  3. @Maria Maruti still has Omni - van with sliding door. They had Versa and Ertiga also

    @Arun: Ok

    @ Yogi and Rupam: Thanks

  4. From what I see in the US, the 2 door vehicles are mostly for singles or couples. Families with kids prefer 4 doors to make it easy for kids to get in/out easily, especially if a car seat or booster seat is used for kids under 6yrs. The price is hardly different for the models anyways and it is more of a look and preference of the owners.
    Sporty and flashy 2 door cars are desired by singles/college grads who wish to show off. Tired parents have no mood to help kids get in the backseat through the front passenger seat. It is very inconvenient actually for even adults to get into the back seats of the 2 door models. But those compact cars are so easy to park which is a big plus in EU cities.

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