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Wooden Shoe Museum at Zaanse Schans, NL

When I went to the windmill town Zaanse Schans, I visited a museum that showcased wooden shoes. It was interesting to know that wooden shoes were used extensively just a few centuries ago.

Officially known as De Zaanse Schans, the Wooden Shoe Workshop was set up in 1974 by Jaap and Ineke Kooijman in Zaanse Schans, Netherlands. The wooden shoes and other wood based products otherwise known as CLOG soon gained popularity and the industry began to flourish. Before we proceed, take a close look at the intricate art work on the shoes below.

Wooden shoes or clogs were cheap durable and were easy to make. Different kind of shoes to suit various industries/jobs were made. It also became part of dutch culture. Paintings on the wooden shoes, art work on etc also thrived. The wooden shoes museum showcases some of the oldest wooden clogs used in the region and their cultural significance. But over time, with advent of leather and rubber based footwear that were flexible and more durable, wooden products lost their prominence.

 Once a few hours, a live demonstration is given on how wooden shoes are made.

 Finished wooden shoes of various colours are up for sale, from about 30 Euro onwards.

When you visit Zaanse Schans, don't forget to visit this museum. Entry is free. Usually open between 10 AM to 5PM in summer. Official website of the museum is here


  1. History is amazing...we could relive the experience through such tours.

    Thank you for a walk through of Wooden shoes!


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