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Indepenence Day celebrated in Denmark Indian Embassy

Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to celebrate India's Independence day at the Indian Embassy here in Copenhagen, Denmark.
This was the first time I was out of India on Aug 15th. Just in time, a day before I received information about the celebrations at the Embassy through a colleague, a long term resident of Copenhagen. It was Saturday morning- I would have planned a trip to nearby places,  but I felt it is important that I attend this event.

So we went to embassy on time. The Indian community attended in large numbers. 500+ is my wild guess. There was a tricolour already flying proud outside the Embassy and that was a  very good sight. Program began on time. Shri Niraj Srivastava, Ambassaor of India for Denmark, unfurled the National flag. Some photos below:

Mr. Ambassador read out President's message to the nation. Some key points from the message are below
-Disrupting Parliament session is not a good thing
-Cross border terrorism will not be tolerated
-We are thankful to our soldiers because of which we are able to sleep peacefully
-Flood and drought are causing problems repeatedly. We need immediate relief and also a plan to prevent/minimize their impact in future.

After reading President's address, Mr Ambassador also added his interpretation from the same, summarizing on key point. This was good part of the program.

Refreshments were served later. Long queues formed and I don't want to write much about that. You can guess what will happen when 500+ Indians deprived of home food get an opportunity to much on Samosa and Jilebi and stuff. But it isn't as bad as it would have been in India. Majority of the folks respected the queue system, just that 3-4 different queues got formed and everyone thought theirs is the legitimate queue.

The Ambassador happily obliged when everyone wanted to get their pictures with him. I too got a picture clicked with Mr Niraj Srivastava, India's Ambassador to Denmark,
Overall it was a well organized event by embassy staff. Was happy to be part of it. Read my other posts on Denmark & Copenhagen here


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