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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, China town, Singapore

We visited Buddha tooth relic temple on day 1 of our tour. It had an attractive structure on the outside and much more interesting and photogenic stuff inside. This post shares my pictures of Buddha Tooth Relic temple in Singapore's China Town and some related information.

Tang Dynasty style gate guards (Dwarapala)- notice sharp threatening looks, muscular body and weapons.

Buddha Tooth relic temple is about 10 years old

Additional Information
  • Address: 288, South Bridge Road, Singapore, 058840
  • Buddha Tooth Relic temple is open from 7AM to 7PM. 
  • China Town MRT is nearest station. 
  • Official website https://www.btrts.org.sg/english-home has lots of interesting information on the temple construction, architecture and so on.
  • Entry is completely free, including photography.
  • Dress code applies. Shorts, bare backs, mini skirts are not allowed.


  1. Very nice. I am glad they allow photography!

  2. Have been following your Singapore trip blog posts for the last couple of weeks.
    Great pictures here :)

  3. Thanks Indrani and Deepal


    I have much more lined up.. Stay tuned

  4. Adding to our list.Will surely visit this temple while planning a trip to Singapore.Wonderful shots.


    Sriram & Krithiga


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