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Waterworld Live Stunt show at Universal Studios Singapore

Waterworld is a stunt show at Universal Studios, Singapore. This show happens two times a day, at pre-fixed time- 1.30 PM and 4 PM. Lasts about 30 odd minutes.

This stunt show is based on 1995 movie, Waterworld, directed by Kevin Reynolds. Plot happens in 2500 when all of Polar ice has melted, submerging the land. Only a small number of survivors are still alive, desperate to find some dry land where they can settle. And as in any movies there're some bad guys with evil intentions and the lead pair need to fight them out to survive and save the planet-whatever is left of it. More details about the movie on Wikipedia here
 Closeup of lead pair
  Planes in action
The live stunt show involves lots of shooting, fire, jumping into water, boat rides, explosions and lots more action. Doesn't matter you know the story or not, the live stunts at Waterworld will keep you at the edge of the seat. Even a small seaplane crashes into water suddenly, catching spectators off guard. Bad guy is easy to recognize, as one of his eyes is masked. He tries all possible means to kill the lead pair but despite several near death incident, they emerge victorious.
The stage and the seating
 Some happy moments after emerging victorious!

 Lots of fire everywhere

Be advised- if you sit too close to the show area, you are likely to get wet. Be prepared for that. Else take a seat in the back half of the seating area.You may also want to read Desitraveler's version of this topic. He has got some nice pics and story.
So when in Universal Studious remember the time- 1.30PM and 4PM. Read my previous post on Optimizing your time and experience at USS. Read other Singapore posts here.


  1. Wow, this must be amazing to see. I will surely watch out for it if i am in Singapore. Thank you!

  2. This is so cool...! Thanks for sharing..

  3. Really seems like a exciting thing to watch for, it will be fun getting wet, nice warning your given us. I remember seeing the movie there was a little girl too in the movie I guess, good to see nice action live!!

  4. wats the name of the girl


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